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  1. stock BA 4spd auto box. at this stage stock stall converter but plans for a 3000 stall down the track. rev limiter I will get a flash done to raise the rev limit. what can you safely rev a barra to on stock springs ? yes plans to also do springs
  2. I see some pretty impressive numbers posted. question I have is what ratio diff gears are you running ? and why ? I have run many v8 cars down the strip and understand the advantage of say a 4.11 ratio diff but I am new to turbo cars and the boost and torque curves they produce. any advise greatly appreciated.
  3. https://imgur.com/ujjoYBm ordered a turbo core
  4. was searching for info on xr6 turbos and this site popped up. so far it has been a wealth of knowledge for this crusty old die hard v8 guy who has purchased his first turbo car
  5. hey well thanks in advance of the many more questions to come. First turbo car of any sort as have always been a diehard v8 guy and race a car from the darkside (chev Camaro) got a opportunity to pick up a cheap BA Turbo with plan to put my daughter in to get some seat time on the drag strip
  6. sweet thanks for the info. you must be literally sitting at your computer ready to answer my dumbass new to turbos questions
  7. ok cool that could be an option. anyone know what is the widest 17" tyre you can run ? if I don't go the 15" option was thinking 275 40 17 and wondering on standard rims will these fit under the guards
  8. hey guys similar question. I have a BA sedan with standard brakes what is the biggest drag tyre I can fit. will a 15" wheel fit ?
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