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  1. Mace hire the tool out for $50 if you buy springs from them and do a decent price on Crow springs as for air into the cylinder not a problem there as I have a compressor and can use a leak down tester. I have ordered springs from Mace. they charge $300 deposit on the tool and refund once you return it. Will post how I got on and how long it took me to do it. Pulling all the necessary parts off now ready to do the job when the springs arrive.
  2. yeah including springs would be a decent price @ $800 so yep doing them myself
  3. yeah I thought it was high. dont incl springs so I am looking at $1400 all up. sh*t I only paid 3k for the car
  4. yeah quoted $800 it is where I am getting a tune done and they know what they are doing. positive I can do it myself in a day as I am pretty experienced with working on cars so thinking will do it myself
  5. just been quoted 8 hours labour to change the valve springs in my BA XR6T is this about normal ? seems really excessive to me
  6. hey guys about to do the valve springs on my BA been quoted 8 hours to do it. is this normal ? it seems way to long to do what I think should take 4 hours max
  7. thanks for all the advise guys and yes baffles me why here in NZ we can delete the cat. kind of slaps in the face the clean green NZ image. Ok so it goes full twin 2.5 over the diff then merges after the diff into a single 3" muffler/ resonator. I assume by removing both middle and rear mufflers I will need a retune and yes I have been driving like ya Nana until done. question is I can get a baffle that slips into that 3" muffler to quieten it down for purpose of annual warrant of fitness check and to keep the cops off my back when needed but if I get it tuned with this removed to give best po
  8. ok fitted it a couple of days ago. cat delete (was already done) middle muffler delete (twin straight pipes 2.5) this then goes twin 2.5 merge into a single 3" resonator. sounds awesome but is a little too loud. now wondering do I get a decent 3" muffler to replace the resonator ? refit middle muffler ? refit rear muffler/ resonator ? have tested it and seems to go much better with this set up
  9. yep more power is always the answer. have just done the exhaust and next step is a retune. will do valve springs and probably a stall converter as that is stuff I can do then chuck her in for that tune. If I can hit 1.99 60ft I will be stocked as that will mean I will deff dip into the 12's
  10. ok ran it in pretty stock form. 60 foot best was 2.2 but managed a 13.6 @ 105mph what do you guys recommend is best out of stall converter or lower diff gears to get that 60 foot down and run a quicker qtr mile ?
  11. yeah you would but I was sceptical as they are 5 years old and had gone a bit hard
  12. fitted some old circuit semi slicks in the weekend 275 50 17 for a drag meet. got some good heat in them out of the water box and they stuck way better than my street tyres.
  13. 2003 BA power stock. BTR 4 spd 60' 2.23 1/8mile 8.89 83.77 mph 1/4 mile 13.61 105.41 MPH 17'' x 235 Laufren sh*t box tyres pretty much stock apart from CAI and cat delete oh and cars has done 309,000 kms
  14. ok here goes, ba xr6 turbo has cat delete. just picked up a middle muffler delete twin system and a single 3' with single 3' rear muffler. question is should I keep stock rear twin muffler and piping ? really interested to find out which would sound better but also which will perform best. second question before I crawl under to change exhaust will rear section fit without having to drop rear cradle ? before the attacks start I live in NZ so cat delete is legal.
  15. thought I would ask the suspension guru the best set up for drag racing. I have done a lot of drag racing and know how to set up a car with a fixed rear axle but would appreciate everyones 2 cents on setting up irs for drag racing. what I have heard is to remove the rear sway bar. I remove the front sway bar on my dodge demon at the drags and it gives way better weight transfer and guess will be the same on a BA turbo ?
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