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  1. For the valve springs if you are in Aussie then go with Crow. I am in NZ so went with Kelford. Either company is great. Be sure to support local business. I went with Kelford as they are made here. Been to the factory and seen them make springs and grind cams.
  2. She wasn't expected to live past her teens. Spent all of her life in and out of hospital and ended up passing away due to a twisted bowel. Yeah still a great deal and kind of feel I stole it. It is a weekend car. I drive it every weekend but have a company vehicle I drive during the week. Camaro is a 71 rs split bumper. I have owned it for 25 years.
  3. no not really a bargain mate. car has done 300k although for most of its life was owned by a tune shop and was used by the owners wife as her daily so well looked after and serviced regularly. I replaced diff bushes and pretty much every bush as well as done a couple of balljoints but she now rides like a new car. I paid 2k for it from a young guy who I helped out getting his chev powered ute up and running. Mine is also Phantom but no leather and also doing it for my kids to race as I have a Camaro that does low 12's. I also had a special needs daughter who passed away when she was 5 so I tot
  4. I got quoted more that's why I did mine. Not as easy as people make out so your average guy would be nervous doing it. $1200 for my tune wish I could do that myself 😪
  5. trans was rebuilt a couple of years ago but other than that it is stock. yeah 13's are good and 13.2 I should be happy with considering only real mod is injectors but definitely potential there to run high 12's which for under 5k including the purchase price for the car is pretty dam good. $ 750 to install springs sounds about right as it took me a whole day to do myself. while apart I replaced everything. timing chain, tensioners etc for assurance but this will depend on how many k's yours has done. miss was sorted by closing the gap on the sparkplugs but real test will be on th
  6. unfortunately only got one run after tune but due to miss that it was getting I didnt take it back out ran 13.2 @ 109mph missing all the way down the qtr. have tested since taking back to tuner and is really going well but track dont open for months. will post times when it reopens
  7. be interesting to see what you think of them. I am pretty happy with Prestige. stock other than 1000cc injectors I got 300rwkw. had an issue after tune on the dragstrip of a miss under load called Chris and he said get in in asap and he will sort it. tested again on dyno first and all was good and in fact on the street giving it a beating it performed awesome. Chris then took it to a (closed road) for testing and then was able to notice the miss. you cant replicate that on the dyno. closed the gap on the plugs slightly problem sorted. These guys take pride in every tune they do and will go th
  8. just got a ring from Chris good safe tune @13psi 300.7 kw will post up what I run at the drags in Masterton on the 20th
  9. Chris at Prestige knows my car from when it was the owners car at d tech in Tauranga when he worked there. Will post once I raced again on the 20th. Dyno numbers mean little to me much more interested in what the mods will mean on the drag strip. Will post up dyno numbers and what it runs on the quarter mile.
  10. yeah will be interesting. doing this car for my son to take over and doing on a very small budget only paid $2000 for the car and have done all the work myself. only outside work will be the tune. all up I easily be under $5000 so to run a 12.9 for under $5000 I will be very happy cost me 10 times that to get the Camaro to do 12.4
  11. would be happy with 12.9 dont want to go faster than my Camaro which runs 12.4
  12. Forgot to say bone stock ran 13.61 @ 105mph. If I get 280kw what's a prediction for quarter mile ? Btr 4 spd
  13. finally got the time and have done valve springs. not to hard to do just time consuming. fitting Walbro pump in the weekend and 1000cc injectors then the old dog goes in for a tune on Thursday. any predictions what KW they will get out of her. above mods plus cat and middle muffler delete and cai. also slightly bigger cooler. numbers mean nothing to me. only qtr mile times but interesting non the less to see what it will put out
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