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  1. Hello everyone, new member here. Hope you guys can help me with an issue that's popped up. My FGX XR6T has recently developed a ticking/knocking and rattling sound after having it's diff bushes replaced under warranty (bought it from Pickles fixed price about a month ago). Their statutory warranty has been a PITA to deal with, but that's a story for another time. Since I've had it back, I've noticed a ticking sound from the front (somewhere near the engine) and a rattling sound from the rear (somewhere near the diff). I've taken a video of both issues and a mate of mine thinks it may be an exhaust leak and the exhaust rubbing/contacting against something. When in neutral, the ticking noise increases in speed as you rev higher. The knocking sound doesn't start until the engine is fully warmed up. Based on this fact alone, I doubt it's an exhaust leak but my mate has much more mechanical experience than me. I've tried comparing the knocking sound to different videos on the forum and youtube and judging from that, it seems that it could be anything from exhaust leak, bent conrods, bad crankshaft bearings or even piston slap. I really don't trust the Pickles workshop to be able to sort this out since they created the problem in the first place... Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Please move this thread to another area if it's not the appropriate topic. Car details: - 2016 FGX XR6 Turbo - Ex-highway patrol car (cop chip and extras removed) - 81,000km on odo - No mods - Recently had diff bushes replaced - All fluids except power steering have been replaced with Nulon recommended products (Engine, Trans, Diff, Radiator, Brake) Knocking sounds: Exhaust rattle:
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