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  1. I’m turbo swapping my na xr6 wondering if I’d need engineers cert or if blue slip and emmission test would suffice
  2. Anyone put fg mk2 lux Packs on bf xr6 or do they even fit I can grab a set in very good Nik just curious about Fitment I would be running a lower profile tyre does anyone have any pics ? https://www.google.com.au/search?q=fg+mk2+lux+pack+wheels&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-au&client=safari a set like these cheers lads
  3. Hey lads im nearly finished pricing together a turbo kit only a few tiny bits to get but I'm also looking at manual swapping my xr6 just wondering if there's any dramas in doing it and what exactly I need box,pedal cluster,clutch fluid cylinder,computer that matches the box do I need manual box brace and tailshaft will it all bolt in and drive and are the ba boxes same as bf I can't seem to find much information on it TIA
  4. Will intercooler piping of an fg xr6 t fit to a bf xr6 as a mate of mine just found a bargain for intercooler and piping for an fg will it be usable on the conversion on his bf xr6?
  5. Hey all I’ve had most of a turbo kit sitting around with nothing new to put it on so I’ve decided to drop a Barra in a mighty au but I’m not sure where to get started I have a donor car for the swap but it’s an na xr6 I’m not too sure what the differences are between the motors besides the higher compression of the na. at the moment everyone seems to want to turbo swap their car so parts especially bare turbo motors are getting expensive around my area so I’m just wondering if it’s a cheaper option to turbo an na motor and do a few supporting mods injectors oil pump head studs fuel pump maybe
  6. Ok update I have now been to a car audio joint and he has diagnosed saying the unit itself is stuffed the plugs are still getting power so if I get another one I should be able to get it reprogrammed but I don't know if ford will do it or if I can go to an independent place or not I have another unit but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it programmed to my car any advice is good advice cheers
  7. So I pulled out the icc checked all plugs and wires unfortunately I don’t have a multimeter to check for power to the unit but everything is plugged in fine and no fuses are blown so maybe it’s the actual unit what do you think ?
  8. Alright thanks mate I’m spending tomorrow on the car going over it too to bottom taking the day off since it’s my bday I’m going to have a look under the dash and pop out the stereo and so on see what I can find
  9. Hey there today I bought my first xr6 loving it so far everything is great but the only thing it needs is the radio which doesn’t seem to work at all the display doesn’t light up and the aircon doesn’t work either no buttons seem to do anything no fans work and neither do the lock or int light work (although the backlight to all the buttons work) I checked the fuses under the bonnet and in the car but they’re all fine I’m wondering if there’s an accessory relay I should change before I go ripping the dash apart to fix it or any trouble shooting will help cheers cheers
  10. Hey there gents I’ve finally got all my points back and got abit of cash saved to buy a bigger car than my current Ute so I’m opting for a XR6T looking more towards a ba or bf than an Fg I’m looking for as little ks as possible I found a 2003 model that looks very very clean with no mods but it has 230,000kms on the clock the car looks extremely clean and well looked after but I’m abit worried about the ks is there some things I should be looking out for before I take the leap on it cheers
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