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  1. Need some time to read the "post pics" section first.... Yes bmw starter,320 clutch and pressure plate upgraded to button to handle the torque,flywheel is smaller yes due to the bmw bellhousing! Are you doing any supporter engine mods?injectors,valve springs,oil pump gears?management?
  2. Hi whatsup bru I've mated the 320d with a adpater and had a custom flywheel made up!engine and box is mounted in now ....after lock down manifold for turbo will be made! Things are so slow now in sa ....lucky my guy is doing and did all of this during lockdown
  3. Update!!!! The barra and 320d box is mated with adpater plate😄 this week we making the custom flywheel and upgrading the clutch to button and reinforcing the pressure plate and that should hold upto 350kw and 700/800 nm Trying to figure out how to post pics ,can I do it from my phone?
  4. Update us when you do it?I was going to relocate the throttle body but came across this so I asked my fabricate guy and he said he can do it!I'll post pics once my engine is mounted into the e36
  5. This reverse throttle is clever!!!!!I'm going to steal this idea ....please post pics once you fit it!!!
  6. Thanks man!!!! Please if you do anyone on the forum who can help please ask them
  7. Ok so as we all know it's an amazing engine and we dont get the turbo barra here so doing some research and watching Australia YouTubers I thought why not do a na turbo barra on low boost! So going to use a gt3582 turbo,valve springs upgrade,arp studs and gaskets,bigger injectors ,50mm wastegate etc etc !!! The plan is run about 8 9psi of boost and run half pump gas half e85 and make decent fun power! Once I have this gearbox and engine mated I dont see any other issues!my guy has fitted a 1uz v8 into my e30 and looks Factory fitted!!!the sump will need fabrications but other than that it will fit!
  8. We got the barra motors a year or so ago but all autos with flexplates!!! The bmw gearbox bellhousing wont even fit over the flexplate so this week we will get the adapter and we going to use bmw starter,once we have this we can measure the distance for the flywheel etc!I think the flywheel is the main issue but I will update once we at that stage! Thanks for the reply
  9. Hi guys I'm Kai and im from south Africa cape town! I'm doing a Barra conversion into a BMW e36 with a manual 320d 6 speed gearbox and I'm at the point of making an adapter and custom flywheel ! I'll be using a upgraded 320d button clutch and reinforced pressure plate,now I'm trying to find out if anybody has done a similar conversion to get some help along the way if me and my mechanic are on the correct path because as you know not many people this side of the world has done a conversion like this and with a bmw gearbox. Many thanks and hoping for some replies Kai
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