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  1. E85 is gonna be difficult for me to run as no one locally sells it, so a 98 tune is gonna be more plausible, can I not lower the compression by swapping the pistons and then swapping rods to solve the weak point? From what I can tell from 06 onwards the motors got better rods but I wasn't sure. And thanks for mentioning the long motor that had me kinda confused Would an 06 onwards gas engine with XR6T pistons be all good for a 98 tune?
  2. Can you at least tell me what the LONG FG barra is? I can't find any information on any long barras other than the fish Was the last bit sarcastic? Should I not be looking at gas engines?
  3. What is the difference in all the barra i6's? N/A, LPG, LPi, Red top, Long, Blue top? Year model differences? I had plans to turbo a gas engine but now I'm unsure which to buy
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