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  1. I want to do this in a column shift turbo Ute setup with 3 seats across the front
  2. you can run a boost T and retain the stock ecu. and go get a map sensor off a maxda cx7 turbo (cheaper than a fg turbo but exact same part number) and it plugs right into the stock ba loom.
  3. manuals are more fun hands down... always personal preference
  4. my copper head gasket and stock bolts are holding up fine at 14. ive heard a lot of mixed results with not doing head studs
  5. hey guys, just got my walbro 460 and when it came time to fit it up ive realized that the fuel pickup filter doesnt fit. and nothing really fits properly and the wiring is wrong. just curious as to what you guys have done to fit everything up. I was tempted to just zip tie and jam everything together but I thought I better do this properly. thanks
  6. twin ebay turbos is the cheappest 1000hp you'll ever make.
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