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  1. cheers for the reply. car has driven awesome up until a few months ago mate so def nothing to do with you.
  2. sent you a pm, thanks mate
  3. Hey mate, It has a venom cat. Tune was done by JD tuning (I believe he is on here) I bought the car about 2 years ago as it is. It's been fine up untill a few months ago and it progressively getting worse. Funnily enough if I disconnect the battery over night it tends to run really good for a few days before it goes back to how it is. It's quite odd that it's only on light throttle/low rpm. Once it hits boost its fine. Its an odd one
  4. No codes. I've not heard of the relay mod, I'll look into that. Thanks mate
  5. Hey legends. Got an issue I can't seem to work out. Ba turbo. Has Bosch 440 injectors, Walbro 342 pump, valve springs and flapper mod. I have an intermittent fault where under light throttle it will lean out (on the afr guage ) and will pop from front (sound alike airbox area) and not accelerate. It happens at low revs. For example cruising along at 60 and road goes uphill so you increase the throttle slightly it will lean out/pop or on freeway at 110 if you give it a little bit (before it kicks down) it'll do the same. The fault is i
  6. anyone had any experience with ULX110 brand oil in these motors? I use it in my escort track car and stock SR20DET with no complaints. Just purchased a ba XR6 Turbo and wondering if anyone has used and has feedback on it. cheers
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