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  1. Happy Birthday jasonxr695!

  2. Happy Birthday jasonxr695!

  3. Happy Birthday jasonxr695!

  4. Happy Birthday jasonxr695!

  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help? I have a 03 XR6T auto and when I start car first thing in the morning and it is cold I accelerate to about 30-40 kph and get a low groaning noise coming from the back, I then travel about 300-400 metres and brake for a corner and then accelerate again to about 30-40 kph and get the same noise again it only does this a few times till its warm but enough to be annoying. I thought it was my brakes to begin with but had them checked and they are fine, I am now beginning to think its the diff? Can anyone help THX
  6. Oils Aint Oils <Merged Thread>

    Hell I thought this forum would help but I'm just more confused than ever I have had Castrol GTX Protec 15-40 in my T since I owned it and change every 10.000km I'm at 40.000km now and was looking into a fully syn oil and from what I can tell Nulon 10-40 seems the best option, one thing though is it available in New Zealand. My other options were either Castrol magnetic or castrol edge and would NZ conditions make a difference? it can be cold here at times. THX
  7. Cant Find This Badging

    Hey thanks all, I'll have a look at some other models just thought it was a ford one as the lettering is the same as the boot badge but could be off something else, I'll check it out and also have a look on ebay. Thanks again. Take care all.
  8. Hi, need some help I saw this on a Turbo listed online in NZ and love the turbo Badging on the side but can't find it anywhere been to Ford and they have never seen it, just thought I'd see if anyone could help? Cheers Not sure if the photo I added will show but will try again if not
  9. Turbo Using Heaps Of Anti-freeze

    oh and yes its Auto
  10. Turbo Using Heaps Of Anti-freeze

    Hi again, I have a 03 xr6t and I have just clocked 21k and it has been awesome apart from my coolant problem, I have read through the manual but nowhere does it say what coolant or any fluids for that matter that I should be using except windscreen washer fluid which since I topped up does not work all the best now, it just says to refer to the customer assistance, warranty and service guide which I do not have or did not get. Could someone give me a list of oil, coolant, brake fluid, diff oil etc I should be using for best performance, Thanks
  11. Turbo Using Heaps Of Anti-freeze

    Thanks, I'll get it checked out ASAP
  12. Turbo Using Heaps Of Anti-freeze

    Hey all, just wondering, my turbo seems to using alot of anti-freeze is this normal and if not what would it be? Cheers
  13. Upgrading To A Ba

    Hey thanks all, Love this site. I still have pictures to come but I might clean it first and in the end it just looks the same as all other 2003 Blueprint XR6T's the only thing I get commented on apart from the speed is the K's just hit 20300Km Thanks again an Go FORDS
  14. Upgrading To A Ba

    Its just that the Traction control and Fog lights buttons on the other side are lit up so it got me wondering apart from this small issue if it is one even, what an awesome car this was not an upgrade I gone from a 95 XR6 to a Rocket UNREAL Thanks again for the help
  15. Upgrading To A Ba

    Hey all its been awhile since I was last here I have been to busy driving my awesome new Turbo but I have a question so here I am to ask all the experts... Just concerning the dash lights.... I have only just noticed this after owning my Turbo for 3 months now but are the fuel and boot buttons behind the right side of the steering wheel suppose to be lit up when the lights are on, I thought they use to be but maybe I was wrong your help would be most appreciated. XR6T Best decision I ever made.

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