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  1. Hey k31th. Yeah I'm not sure how forth coming they will be seeing as I purchased second hand. I have thought about asking them directly. Just maybe check here first if anyone has them on hand. Cheers
  2. Hey guys does anyone have or know where I could find the fitting instructions for the above intercooler to suit FG? Cheers
  3. I'm in the process of modifying my 2009 fg Turbo manual. Caught the turbo bug and now I want more power. I'm aiming for around the 300rwkw mark. It's supposed to be my daily driver not another toy as I already have that, we will see what happens 😉. Im trying to do this as cheap as possible and do alot of the work myself. I recently scored a process west stage 2 intercooler with pipe kit and 4" turbo back x force exhaust 2nd hand for a good price. I was only really wanting the cooler and dump pipe but I scored the full system for less than the cost of a new dump pipe. I'm going to get upgraded valve springs, fuel pump, 1000cc injectors and tune as soon as the funds prevail. My question is should I wait until I get everything together before I fit the parts I have without a tune? I only want really want to get the tune done once. Will fitting the intercooler and exhaust now be all good or will it have any adverse effects with factory tune? Also once everything is done before the tune do you reckon its drivable to the workshop to get it tuned? Sorry for all the questions at once but I'm so excited to get this thing singing. Cheers lads.
  4. Hi everyone! First post but have checked out the site a bit after asking google questions about the awesome barra turbo. My first love is my XE ESP 351 4 speed but I recently bought my first turbo falcon. 2009 FG XR6T black sedan, 6 speed man, with full lux pack. Bought from the original owner dead stock and still has under 100,000km's. Awesome car to drive and the newest falcon I have ever owned. Supposed to be a daily driver but I have already caught the bug. Mods so far is just Pedders coil overs, 18 x 9.5 & 18 x 10.5 d speeds, growler intake and braided turbo feed line. Joined the group for info on future engine mods. Once I work out how to share photos I will put some up. Thanks for letting me join the group. Dawso 🤙
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