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  1. Hi KPM I found some information on kpm motorsports website saying with headers catback 2.5 inch pipes and the street fighter air box I could tune the ecu up to 240kw. That’s 45kw gain because my 2015 XR6 N/A Sedan is 195kw at stock do you think it possible for my car ? I have xforce headers xforce catback all stainless steel 2.5 inch pipes with 100cell sports cat plus I’ll add in the kpm streetfighter air box. If so how much do you think this tune would cost ?
  2. Awesome alternative !!! Do you know if the cutouts are legal WA ? Thanks.
  3. Hi on my 2015 FGX XR6 N/A Sedan I’ve installed the full xforce 2.5 “ stainless steel system headers and the cat back. Now I’m looking into the Varex. If I was going to replace the rear muffler would it change the note at all. The only reason I’m looking at the Varex is because I would like to make it quite at times and when it’s open I would like a different louder note. Has any done this or recommend doing this, Thanks
  4. Any one know if this is the transmission and coolant milkshake?
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