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  1. Cheers for the help boys it’s very much appreciated, I’ll take the offer I’ll dm you now mate cheers
  2. Anyone know of any valve spring locks for sale cheap, I’ve recently got a hair line crack in one, I’ve been quoted 180 for aftermarket ones but I’d rather not spend that much just to replace one, I’ve also got a mate that has a spare ba head, does anyone know if they’ll fit directly to the fg stems (don’t call me a idiot, I tried bashing a lock in hence why it got a hairline crack) cheers
  3. Hi all just recently my bearings on my turbo are going and I’m on low apprentice wages just wondering if it’s worth putting a b series turbo in my fg, I know that they’re slightly bigger but take longer to spool compared to the fg but am wondering is there is any downsides to the b series turbo (not Including the kms on it)
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