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  1. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes and the poor formatting. It wouldn't let me edit it and I was taking the train to work 😕 The guy that programmed it came recommended by the person I bought the ecu off (Ford pro wreckers) and the programming set me back $200 I am not sure if many people can program the ecus. I am used to driving 40+ years old cars with no bloody ecus.
  2. Hi guys, just having recently fixed my issue of the car having issues to idling I now am having issues wuth the second issue. Car is a 6cyl ba Fairmont ghia with a 4 speed auto. Ever so often it would go into limp mode and the gearbox would throw codes, Changed oil and filter and that did. It resolve the issues. A search online shows it could be the ecu and I replaced that and this is where more issues start. I went from a 32AE to a 32AD ecu and had it programmed. Took the car for a drive and the second it changes gear throws it into limp mode (speedo doesn't work either) He tried to reprogram it and tried again, same code p0500. Could I have been sold an ecu for a Ute and not a sedan? It keeps looking for a speed sensor that the Ute's have and sedans don't have, The guy that programmed it wasn't sure if Ute ecus will work in sedans. Thanks. Daniel.
  3. I finally got around to it and changed the fluid and filter. The oil smelt pretty burnt but still red. Hopefully it will fix the issue. I managed to make the car cut out after a week of driving. Same symptoms as before and it idles in gear around 550rpm. This time it choked while it was in park and the engine cut out.
  4. I took the nut off and fluid came pouring out so I topped it back up with about 200ml then I undid the union for the oil cooler and put in about 300ml in there. It was serviced 3 years about but only has done about 8000km since then. Oil doesn't smell burnt and is red. If I over filled it I might buy a new filter and gasket and try a clean change.
  5. 5 days later and no stalling, I replaced the PCV and breather tube but now run accross anither issue. Gearbox goes into limp home mode and eventually lose drive. Some days and it drives fine the others. Gearbox oil is nice and red and to the correct level (topped up an extra 500ml via oil cooler lines) and yet it cuts out and makes a strange whirring noise in N/P by the sounds of it maybe solinoids are getting stuck on? link is for the codes it throws up. https://photos.app.goo.gl/5Nevq4cd1N8TAFQM7 Not used to cars with an computer /PCV / automatic transmission. Give me a 50 year old cabie manual car any day 😂
  6. It's as stock as a rock, I'll trace the vac hoses again and replace them along with the PCV. Thank you very much for the help
  7. Hi, Revs dip low and just cuts out. It only seems to happen when it's hot (drive back home in the arvo) Normal rpm is about 750 and occasionally drops to 600 at idle but there is no warning when it cuts out.
  8. Edit: also cleaned inlet manifold and throttle body. Checked vac lines for leaksm
  9. Hi guys, I own a 2003 BA Ghia and it's recently developed an issue where it randomly stalls / cuts out in traffic on a daily basis. (usually stopped at lights) It won't cut out on the way to the station but 90% of the time on the way home. I have looked up the issue on various forums and there have been lots of answers as such. This is what I have done so far and it has not seemed to work. Replaced pre cat o2 (no voltage readout) Replaced TPS Replaced spark plugs Reset ecu Added extra ground wires to aroud the ecu and body to engine. I have not been getting any codes on the obd reader and had it connected while the car cut out and no codes appeared. Cheers.
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