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  1. Hi all, I am a bit lost on what to do with my car. I brought it and the engine started making a tap noise then eventually it got worse and sounded like a metal on metal high pitch sound. So I took it to the mechanic and he said it was the bottom end so with that I just went a brought a secondhand engine. So I brought another engine and put that in the car it ran ok for a couple days. I drove it like a nanna. Then the same noise came back so I took it to a tuner it turns out it has bent a rod and a big end bearing was stuffed. So I took my original engine up because it was cheaper to replace the big end bearings and main bearings in that engine because it was already out of the car and not pulling apart the other engine to swap parts. So my original engine had big end bearings and main bearings done as per advised. That's all done it's back together and in the car. Now they started it and the knocking sound is there still. They think it could be in the top end im just wondering if anyone is able to help me out on what to do or if anyone has had a similar problem and what they have done to fix it. Thanks
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