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  1. I cant hear a hissing noise from what I think is my ac pipe, iv sprayed water on it but can see any leaks bubbling, is this normal do you think or would it be a definite leak, im guessing replacing this pipe is something I shouldnt do myself?
  2. So would you say its a sign the turbo is on its way out? Kinda sounds dry like it needs lubrication
  3. UMy ute sounds like the good one he has shown. So that makes me feel alot better about it. Thanks. Just found it strange that my sedan makes no noise at all compared to my ute
  4. I have 2 xr6ts, ones a ute with 140kms but when I turn it off I can hear the turbo rollings like a grinding for ages then I have a sedan with 270km but the turbo makes no noise when I turn it off. Both xr6s have no shaft play. Is that rolling grinding noise a bad sign?
  5. Well I got the strut out easy enought but once I got it out I relised that the guy I brought the springs off has given e series springs, so I had to put the strut straight back in. Was good fun. Thanks for your help anyway guys espically you pelican pen*s
  6. Well so far im stuck on the littke headless bolt on the computer. Any ideass how to get off lol
  7. You two both talk alot of sense but common sense I do not have, so im going to risk this once and hope for the best. Will keep you guys updated as to how much I fcyk this up
  8. Aw sh*t that's a worry cause mine are king springs, second hand ones though and I think super low not just low but I really want to be able to get them back in. As far as I know only essential service deliveries are taking place. I thought that I would completely wrap the strut up in a think drop cloth laying on the ground and undo it with a air ratchet
  9. Everywhere here in newzealand are lockdown and they arnt considering any public stuff except food an essential to us at the moment. So im guessing I need to be able to compress the springs to remove the whole strut? Also I dont have a rattle gun but I do have an air ratchet. I have some g clamps but I dont think they will do much good. Will the superlows go in easy enough with me needed to compress then?
  10. Can anyone tell me if I csn remoce front springs from a ba xr6t ute with compressors? I have some super lows I want to put in but since nz is on lockdown I cant go buy spring compresors... will I be slgood without them do you think?
  11. Would the best option be to relocate the battery to the otherside then? And run a pip further out for the pod filter? Got any pics of sone good set ups by anychance?
  12. Wanting to put a mushroom filter straight to my turbo so it sits infront of it? Anyone done this? What sorta pipe and size did you use? And what size mushroom filter? Or is there a better option out there without relocating battery? Appreciate it if ya show me some pics for ideas fellas👍👍
  13. Iv got a 351cleveland build going on, first time putting together a clutch and bellhousing and at the end when I put on the cyclinder I noticed this huge ass gap... is this normal?
  14. Would it just be the yellow terminal plug that needs to be redone or would I need to do both yellow and white
  15. Turns out it was the typical connection under the seat issue.. have you ever hardwired yourself? Did u just use a crimp with connecting plugs?
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