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  1. Yes ok, would you like me to punctuate it for you. First time here, have not even worked out pic uploads yet.
  2. terry xover 7 seater let off the chain stupid power in a fairly mid sized people mover/suv started its life as a na family banger with nearly 300000 on clock it did its job fine but it was time for a change but I didnt want her to go so mrs go and get yourself a car sell mine im having this (she ended up buying another territory ghia) oh well anyway the operatation was to begin I sorced a xr6 turbo whole vehicle from country where it was owned by a young bloke for a approximatley 12 hours who then subsequentily put it through a fence and tree then finally ended up in a paddock the xr was actually given to him by his father that morning who over the years had spent a small fortune only to look at his car crumpled sitting in a paddock with his wife stairing on he couldnt or wouldnt say to much but his eyes told you so poor blokes nightmare turned into my dream for the change towed it home on trailer and got started there and then for the next month everyday after work I tinkered with only a few hickups along the way it was quite easy except for exhaust which carries over diff just under rear third row seats tune after tune later and a play with pats she was away good fun and no one expects it to say seeya as it boosts on and away from the p plater with no idea what happened
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