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  1. I've been searching for FG MK2 19" limited edition's for two years and finally got my hands on a set had to have them shipped from Sydney to Melbourne. Hopefully these will become pretty pricey wheels in the distant future I paid $750 for a set in good condition with no rubber
  2. Stumbled across a brand of coilovers that I'm unfamiliar with anyone heard of them or running them at the moment. Neomax S Coilovers for the FG Falcon found the carmodsaustralia website at $1,399. Any opinions or thoughts would be interesting for a street application with obvious spirited driving and a low stance setup but nothing that's not practical. Currently running 19inch MK2 Luxpac limited addition wheels. Additionally any thoughts on MCA Street Greens vs XYZ vs BC Racing coilovers all for spritied street driving on a low stance.
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