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  1. Update on this. Turned out the gears and pins inside the LSD were really sloppy and had a tonne of play in them. The clutches were surprisingly good. New LSD unit and now she's as tight as ever and no rear end knocks. Thanks to Mobile Diff Repairs in Dandenong for the great work. Thanks everyone for the advise and help 👌
  2. Update on this. Turned out to be the gears and pins inside the LSD being super slack, there was a tonne of play. The clutches were surprisingly good. New unit in and all good now, not one clunk/knock in the back and feels super tight. Shout out to Mobile Diff Repairs in Dandenong. Do have a knock though putting the car into reverse and changing from 1st to 2nd, sometimes 2nd to 3rd. Have a feeling the lowered leafs have thrown out the pinion angle or tailshaft making the centre bearing bump because of the flex in the shaft. What have you guys done to fix this?
  3. Sorry for thread mining but does anyone have any more info on this? My roll over noise disappears too when I slightly push the clutch in to line up with the brake pedal. I can't seem to find where this hole is to put a bolt through on the master cylinder. Has anyone got a pic perhaps?
  4. it comes from the rear left predominantly , might be just a quirk of the car, it's been happening for the whole 8 months since I bought it. Naturally I didn't notice it when I test drove it as I had rose tinted glasses from that turbo whistle 😂
  5. In the rear it's doing it. Haven't even touched the front yet 😂
  6. So I got Suspension City to have a good look over it and identified there wasn't enough grease in the front eye bushes. They slapped some in and off she went. Awesome blokes to deal with too, so helpful and quick. Did it on the spot. They also mentioned that the springs winding up like that were normal! Bugger me. I'm getting the odd knock here and there when slow turning. Buggered if I know what it is! Thanks all for the help!
  7. Fixed two really annoying squeaks in the centre console lid and in the dash cluster. 3 or 4 more to go 😭
  8. Everyone is saying it's normal haha It's just the creaking/clunking I can't get my head around! Agreed. I lurk too much, have for years until I bought one and only think to post when it's pi$$ing me off haha
  9. @camo86T Would you be able to take a pic of the underside like I did?
  10. The old springs tramped like crazy. Haven't put these to the test yet as I'm just a bit worried about how they sit. Had quite a few people say that's how theirs are but a couple mobs say they look way over loaded.
  11. Thanks mate. The springworks joint suggested a rebound but that's an extra 600 odd to reset the leafs and put a rebound in, almost double what I paid for the HD leafs! I had poly bushes in the standard leafs and they never creaked. Only carried on a little when the ubolts weren't FT. It's a manual.
  12. Any reason why it'd be clunking/creaking so bad mate?
  13. Just installed some brand new kings leafs in my ute. FOR303SL. I noticed that the back has a nice arch but at the diff they pull upwards then they curve the other way. I'm getting a bit of knocking from them. I took it to a suspension workshop in Geelong and he said the front camber is pretty off making the ends open up and clap. I gave a springworks mob a call in Melbourne and sent the bloke some pics and he said they look fully loaded like theres 400kg in the back and suggested a rebound leaf to pull the camber in better. Already paid for heavy duty performance leafs, don't really want to pa
  14. Does yours have an LSD? Mine is definitely most noticeable from the passenger side wheel area but will sometimes get the double clunk. I got the centre bearing done and that eliminated some things but the rear clunk is still there.
  15. Thanks mate. If you happen to remember or find out could you hit me up? I'm reading a lot about clutch plates knocking.
  16. Thanks Was it the clutches/plates in the diff that were buggered?
  17. Nope. Looked the same as that non xr pic less the spacer plate. I bit the bullet and threw in some solid steel saddle bushes and it hasn't made a difference to the sounds. I did notice that between each leaf through the middle there are steel plates, maybe 1mm thick. That's what's causing the illusion that there is gaps in the leafs. Is it normal that they have these thin plates through the middle? My mates leafs are completely sandwiched together. Also noticed when jacking the rear up the wheel has some back and forth movement, a couple mm. But not in and out. Is
  18. Thanks mate Do you have a pic of this setup?
  19. What did you put in its place? Steel saddle pads?
  20. I reckon so. I can get some solid leaf saddle bushes from a bloke in QLD but that'll cost a bit. And I'm not convinced it'll fix the problem just yet. I feel like it needs a solid plate under and on top to pull them together more.
  21. So I've thinking about the gaps in the leafs and was wondering if anyone else's are like this? It doesn't look like they're clamping down firm enough? The top two have gaps but the bottom three look tight. Could this be the centre pin come loose maybe? I noticed the non xr utes have a different setup, two steel plates and no u bolt housing:
  22. The car is dead stock except for the superpro stuff and konis and the knock was there before I changed everything. Definitely not the exhaust hitting. Its a very audible clunk from the wheel zone. I know the bearing is starting to flog out, I can hear it wobbling at low speeds and get the driveline clunk/shunt if I don't try and really control it. Been to pedders twice and they've just tried to upsell me. And the driveline joint was stumped. Is it possible that the center bolt in the leafs has come loose? Is that a thing? I'm in Geelong so Melbou
  23. I've checked wheel movement and all good in that area. Like I said I don't get any vibration or noises while driving, it's all on that initial take off and around really slow corners. I must say mine generally won't when cold but once its been for a good run like on a highway the driveline feels really slack and the rear knocks are petty loud.
  24. Was thinking about doing that. I'll have to find one to try out I pulled the spare out and tried laying under it with a creeper while my old man slowly moved forward, he was a little iffy with the clutch work so gave up on the idea. Definite clunk from the wheel zone from the little chance I had while under there.
  25. So I wedged some bike rubber in between the front leafs and it still knocks. I read elsewhere that the lsd clutch packs can knock on take off as they come together? People recommend changing the oil but I've done that and made no difference. Completely lost on this now 😑
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