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  1. I started with a NA FG XR6 & ZF 6sp, auto and decided on a power upgrade rather than a car upgrade (hoping to save $$) which has gone south dramatically! I am after any suggestions or advise that may help the following... When I collected car the mechanic proceeded to tell me that he doesn't really know what he is doing with the FG as opposed to the B series. I was told by the guy to take it to a performance tune shop and have the motor "paired". No one had any clue and now I have the following issues; Car only engages P, R, N, D and doesn't change from 1st once put in D. Secondly is the driveline upgrades (tailshaft, diff) and how important they are? Next I have an issue with ABS brakes, shuddering and skidding (maybe a bad tube?) The security feature and factory config on old engine ecu have been turned off, no key FOB or safety features active. The boost controller? is apparently not wired up, but I am unsure what to look for or where to find it. I am fairly good with the parts side of it but I have no idea on turbos and what's required in regards to maintenance and repair. I really like the FG and hope this doesn't leave a bad taste. I feel as though a new car would have been cheaper, to this point I have spent about $8k and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. PLEASE HELP! I will help where I can in return. Aprreciate your help guys!
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