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  1. I'm not going to bother wasting money on a dyno until I can identify and rectify this issue. Just ordered 6 genuine coils.
  2. I was curious about the quality of the coils too, might have to try that option. Not sure if it was ever tuned prior to me buying it.
  3. Hi guys. When under heavier acceleration the spark dies sending plumes of fuel/smoke out the exhaust and then running on f~all cylinders for up to 20 seconds or so. I've replaced plugs with .9 recently and tried .7, have removed throttle body and cleaned with carby cleaner, cleaned boost solenoid with carby cleaner, replaced coils with eBay green top coils and still have the same issue. It's an 03 BA with front mount, cai, blow off delete, turbo back exhaust and auto. It feels and sounds like the traction control noises if you don't have your burnout button activated lol. Would a faulty o2 sensor have these symptoms?
  4. Hope you can help mate, doing this asap in a ba. Did you have to remove hubs etc and pull axles out?
  5. Hope this works....nope can someone delete this ???
  6. Cheers, I'll get some up in the near future. Working on the cai box today and it needs a bath lol. Trying to find the throttle relocation pipework from someone who has upgraded too....... Saw on eBay for $230 ish but I'll try the second hand market too.
  7. Battery relocation to the boot done so I could fit a turbo side intake. Bought the elbows locally and fitted a ryco 02 rush pod. It's a pretty big unit!!! The induction noise and flutter is ridiculously loud now, I didn't expect it to be that loud lol. Also fitted a breather line to catch can that I've mounted behind the lh headlight. Now to enclose the pod as best as I can.
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