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    My new XR6T

    So this is my first post here, I picked up this BF Mk2 XR6T Manual Ute with 230,000ks for 12k after getting very lucky. I test drove it on Saturday two weekends ago and held off on putting a deposit down until my loan cleared. Unfortunately someone put a deposit on it the following Monday 5 minutes before I called once I had the money, luckily about a week later it fell through and I bought it immediately. This is my first proper performance/turbo car as I still have a few weeks left until my fulls (I maybe driving it frivolously in my local backstreets haha) So a lot of work to be done, some of the stuff was supposed to be "fixed" for the RWC but I'm doubtful as to how much was actually done. Although I didn't mention it to the dealer, I'm a windscreen fitter with 8 years exp so I know how greasy they can be. Up first is a break overhaul as currently the wheel shudders significantly on the brakes over 80ks. I'm thinking front and rear RDA or DBA rotors, new pads, brake lines and maybe look into a caliper upgrade if the budget allows it. Also going to do wheel bearings while I'm at it. After that I'm getting some quotes for RE003 tyres and a wheel balance. If that doesn't fix it I will look at ball joints and bushes. It currently has 20" Simmons on which I am unsure about keeping however they are in fairly decent condition. Then after that is all done maybe a good set of coil overs and a upgrade for the leaf springs and bushes, then fun stuff like speakers and interior trims that need to be fixed. Here are some photos as well as the RACV inspection, what do you guys think?! Images of the car: https://imgur.com/1WfihSk https://imgur.com/gyJOcY7 https://imgur.com/iLMdURg https://imgur.com/LEz5Lct RACV Report: https://imgur.com/hIix9JF https://imgur.com/X8ddESd https://imgur.com/vV4qfHL
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