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  1. Its a 2010 G6E Turbo, thinking of sticking with the 245's on the front and possibly switching the rears but not sure on alternate sizes.
  2. Hi guys, have a set of 20x8.5 (+35) and 20x10 (+40) running 245/35R20 and 255/35R20. Due for some new rubber and just wanted to see what other sizes in regards to tyres people are running on similar rims. Thanks
  3. whats the difference in axles?
  4. the complete diff from a xr6t can be swapped then?
  5. Hi Guys, Have a mk1 G6E turbo. Time has come to do the diff bushes and im looking at possibly chucking in an lsd at the same time. What is the ratio and model of the stock G6E diff and what is the XR6 "upgrade" that would suit? Is it also a direct swap or does anything else need to be changed? Thanks
  6. cool, thanks for the help 😄
  7. the gauge is read via a electronic boost sender, was thinking of putting a t piece into the line going from the turbo compressor to the boost solenoid?
  8. true, anywhere else that it can be hooked up to ?
  9. the reading seems spot on when in vacuum its only boost that seems to be the issue
  10. yeah, was 300kw before then new turbo and tune and gauges installed 370kw goes hard just cant get a decent reading
  11. Hi guys, recently installed some gauges on my fg turbo. The boost gauge installed was run to where the BOV taps into the inlet manifold (BOV has been removed) however im only getting a max of 5psi on the gauge and have tried another gauge which is giving a similar reading. The car was tuned to 17psi and runs a boosted 6662 turbo so id imagine I should be getting more than 5psi under load at the inlet manifold. Anyone have any ideas? Where would be an alternative boost source to tap into? Thanks
  12. Hey guys, recently purchased a G6ET and looking at doing some basic mods. Have been eyeing up the Venom turbo back exhaust but not sure whether to go stainless or mild steel. Is stainless really worth the extra and does it have any effect on exhaust note? Also be good to hear from anyone that's had some experience dealing with the Venom products. Thanks guys.
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