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  1. So needa take it into ford? I ended up pulling it apart and putting the guts of the old cluster into the new one. Id like to get get passed the immobilised issue if I can though as the centre screen is bubbling and looks crap
  2. Hey guys. Got an 08 fg ute and as the title Says I changed the cluster and now the car is immobilised and wont start. How do I get around this? Cheers
  3. @camo86T Hopefully he does. I dont want this alloy tray but I also dont want a hastle to change to a tub lol
  4. Hey guys. Anyone know if an fg style side tub will bolt straight up to an fg 1tonner??
  5. Did you find out what was causing this problem? Im having the exact same issue but with a 5 speed auto
  6. Can you please send threw a photo of the 2nd selector arm as I can only see one
  7. Hey guys anyone had this problem and/or know how to fix it? Ive got an 08 fg falcon 5spd auto and it wont engage sports mode. The shifter will slide over and itll say its engaging sports mode but it wont let me change gears or anything.
  8. Nah man the tank was full. The fuel bowser clicked like 3 or 4 times..
  9. Hey guys so ive noticed a weird little issue on my 08 fg ute. I put a full tank of petrol in it the other day and on my drive home I noticed I was using a significant amount of fuel, way more then usual for a 65km drive. The dts (fuel range thing) said I had 769km when I got back in the car at the servo. when I got home it read 620km. Now on my drive home I was watching the fuel range decrease by 1km every second (probably wasnt even a second). Then about 3/4 of the way home the fuel range finally started to slow back down and go back to normal according to the fuel gauge I lost a 1/4 tank on that trip when I can normally get roughly 120km out of a 1/4 tank I checked everywhere and there appears to be no leaks. So im baffled on how I lost a 1/4 of a tank.. any ideas? Sorry in advance if that's a bit hard to understand
  10. Hey guys I got a couple problems I have an 03 ba xr6t.. 1) the map reading lights dont work but every other interior light works? Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem? 2) when I unlock the Drivers door every other door stays locked until I open a door from the inside. Once ive opened a door from the inside I can open every door from the outside.. anyone had this problem? thanks
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