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  1. Agreed on the cost....definitely sucks. Another option I considered was purchasing an android system and having that installed - rough cost to do that was around $1200 Yeah, it's working now and I'm happy.
  2. Ok, so the re-flash kills the screen (probably better description). They advised when the ICC gets older this generally happens a lot more. The dealership I took it to is Sinclair Ford - who ordered the part from Melbourne (I believe the manufacturer....essentially, it's a refurbished part) and Sinclair Ford fitted it Total cost, just under $900 for part and labour.
  3. Here's an update since. I took the car to a Ford dealership and they attempted to re-flash the software....they warned me that it was likely to fail the screen, which it did. Screen has since been replaced (non genuine) and it's working fine now.
  4. Hi, I recently had an issue occur with the screen of ICC where all the icons are showing over each other. The bluetooth module has gone and the time area is blacked out. Hopefully someone else has had this issue occur. I'm thinking the memory needs reflashing (a trip to a Ford dealer no doubt). Also considering replacing with an Android powered unit...happy to take thoughts on those that have done the upgrade. Thanks in advance.
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