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  1. Cant. Bought motor without a bell housing and has no bolts for it. Cant take bell housing bolt out of car as I need it to drive to bolt shop or bunnings
  2. Hey guys just wondering as the title says Does anyone happen to know what bolt size mounts the Barra engine to a engine stand Bought a new motor today to build and theirs no bolts so I cant chuck it on my stand Cheers
  3. Hey guys just wondering how much you got quoted or a rough price to get the head machined. Got quoted $1000 for machining or $2000 to get it ported as well as machined with me supplying springs and studs Thought it sounded expensive but unsure
  4. So I've tried searching this no avail to get the answer I'm after I've got a 2005 ba xr6t. Looking to build the motor but I was planning on buying a block and possibly head and building it then pulling my motor out and putting this one in My question is Can I just buy say a FG xr6t NA motor or egas motor Use the block and possibly the crank if it's same from turbo to NA? Unsure of the crank and put new rods, pistons, oil pump, etc Then swap the sump to a turbo sump for the oil return line and put a turbo head on? Thanks in advance
  5. Just wondering I've got a 6 speed manual xr6t ba sedan with a m86. Would the M86 housing from an FG sedan fit straight into my ba or is it different
  6. Hey guys First time posting, was just wondering. Internals of the motor aside. Is there any difference between a block from a BA to a FG like strength or build wise? Cant seem to find anything besides internals are different
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