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  1. Hesitate im Pretty sure. Not sure if its not getting enough fuel.. Or could be completely different.
  2. Yes it hesitates under full boost and as your coming on to full boost. If im driving normally with only some boost it is fine.
  3. I just changed coils to sniper ones PreviouS owner had weaponx coils and spark plugs done in march. Not sure if it could be a fuel issue?
  4. Trying to pinpoint why my ba xr6t hesitates when it comes under High to full boost. Doesnt matter how much fuel is in it as it does this 95% of the time. Anyone had this issue ? Or knows what it could be? Cant seem to pinpoint what it is...
  5. No I dont think so.... Intune motorsport in seven hills sydney has done most of the work...
  6. I only got the car a week or so ago. It has been tuned but I dont think its been done correctly. I have all the dyno readings etc...
  7. Ok thank you. is it an expensive to do it?
  8. Ok thank you. Whats the pre load? And how do you adjust it? thanks
  9. Pretty sure its internal. Sits off the turbo. Can you adjust the boost levels through the wastegate? And how is it fixed fo get it back under control?
  10. Injectors air intake flash tune valve springs fuel pump exhaust nothalane diff bushes mechanic is taking waste gate off atm to adjust boost level... My mechanical knowledge isnt that great with these types of things. Just want to boost changed and lowered so its safe.
  11. Kiwi1989

    Mr Pingtune

    Hello there. I need some help. I have a ba xr6 turbo with some mods done. I have the turbosmart wastegate. Now my mechanic has told me that my car is overboosting. The wastegate is starting to open when im at 20psi. Which he tells me this can cause major problems. Why could this be and how can it be fixed?
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