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  1. If coming soon is by the end of the month, I'm in. Otherwise that's something-maybe in the next couple years.
  2. Ahh... Well, I've no issue with him. Yet!
  3. Well, it is a forum, they tend to have many different threads! I'm just browsing, seeing if there's anything interesting. Took me some backtracking, but you mean this thread yeah? Can only recall going in there once, twice tops. My guess is they're not around anymore? But I see you like to check what I check out, but that's to be expected when you're sleuthing.
  4. Ha, mind linking me to this person's profile? I'm curious to see who you mistake me for.
  5. Sounds like a good plan, plus if there's a crash or something and I can salvage the expensive bits, I can swap them over. That's a nice offer, and it would be nice (the fastest car I've driven is the folk's F6; never gave it the full beans but just that little extra - comparative - power was noticeable) but I won't be down there until the day things get done so it'll be a little late. Plus I don't want to impose myself on people who hardly know me; it feels like taking a car listed for sale for a drive and flogging it without the intention of buying (but of course it's the owner driving, not me). I personally feel that this is a good platform to start with. It has some parts that should hold up if future mods seem necessary, but the intercooler seems to be sticking in my craw after @masda74 mentioned the Stage 2 intercooler. Oddly, Process West lists the stepped Stage 1 and the regular Stage 2 intercooler kits as the same price, so I don't know what's going on there, and what separates the two technically. Maybe swapping the Stage 1 cooler to Stage 2? If it's going to do an even better job and only costs the difference between say, the PCMTEC and the SCT packages, then it might be worth thinking about. Just throwing it out there.
  6. Well I'm interstate so any negotiations will be done down the wire, which is pretty informal and might seem rude. Speaking of, what happens to the bits that come off the car to be replaced? That old intercooler has to go somewhere, do they usually just sell it to wreckers or something? Might be a douche and ask to keep some bits is all. I don't know how much lead-time I'll need before making the booking, I'm hoping that a couple months advance will ensure getting a date that works for me (factoring travel and days off). As for what I want, I could say I just want to go faster, but in terms of what I'd actually need is another thing and over my head (which I already feel I am!). All this talk too of eventually wanting more power is worrying also, since I was hoping that this would be a case of doing things right the first time so I'm not spending more in the future. Again I have to press that I'm not going for big numbers. I don't have any car enthusiast mates to show off to (no offence intended) so it's just for me really. Help! Need more puff!
  7. Hmm, okay. I'm still not sure which of the tune versions I'd rather then. I guess that'll have to be something I'll have to discuss with Pit Lane when I make the booking. I'll have to ask if it's an improved fuel pump too as opposed to a E85-specific one because yeah, otherwise I'll just be buying something I'll never use. Since it's a daily I suspect I will get used to the power quick - but that's a good thing because I don't want to get caught out by it unexpectedly one day. The sooner I'm comfortable and familiar with it the better personally. It's more that I find the current setup lacking - that it runs out of puff/pull too soon for my liking. I want a car that has more left in the tank (so to speak) when it comes to acceleration. Wheels are the stock G6E Turbo 245-35-19's (I think that's the right dimensions). I don't intend to change these since I'm going for the wolf-in-sheep's clothing look; as much as I'd like a complete exhaust system.
  8. Thanks for the initial replies guys. So the SCT holds multiple tunes in a physical box, I guess for different fuels and if you want to reset everything or alter stuff on the fly, whilst HP Tuners and PCMTEC are one tune that cannot be changed without taking it back to Pit Lane for a reflash. Is that about right? Can you install more perimeters through the others while the SCT can only alter so much? Meaning when the tune is done, more can be preset via HP/PCMTEC than SCT or is it just a matter that you can alter less through the SCT controller after the tune is done? It says the install includes an E85-compatible fuel pump assembly but it would be safe to assume that means a new, better fuel pump that happens to be E85-compatible as well? Otherwise it might be pointless getting that since I only intend to run 98. @I love kittens you're not giving me much confidence mate! Sounds like I'm not going to have enough power to be happy with for the cost. Are the prices listed that unreasonable? For sake of convenience and knowing that the parts are new/backed by Pit Lane, I'd rather that route than scrounging around trying to source bargains from who-knows-where all over the country. @k31th what tyres instead would you recommend? To reiterate they're not for racing/drags but still need to hold their own - or as well as one can reasonably expect from tyres in that $250-300 price bracket. And I'm reading 280-to-low-300rwkw's, which is expected (bit of a variance in estimations but that's okay) but what about the torque side of the equation? The car's rated as 270kw/535Nm (at the motor, not wheels, I know) so the kw jump sounds right, but I think I'm right in thinking the Nm's will jump quite a bit more, yeah?
  9. Evening all, As the self-deprecating title shows, I'm modifying a car for the first time. It's an FG-X G6E Turbo and completely stock. I've only heard good things of Pit Lane down in Frankston so I plan on heading down there during some time off in May to get my mod on. The main reason for choosing Pit Lane is its reputation; which hopefully means I won't get screwed around and won't need to constantly take it back and forth for minor niggles (I live interstate, so it's a bit of a trip) and I just want things done right the first time. But before any of this can proceed, I'd like to ask a few questions of those who have gone before me, and ask their guidance on what might be basic questions. So apologies if they are. First, I'm looking at Pit Lane's Stage 3 Package, which comes in HP Tuners, PCMTEC, and SCT variations. I'm after a decent amount of power, but nothing crazy because the car's a daily and won't be going to the track or drags. Instead the power's really for overtakes and rolling starts (no point chewing the tyres if I can help it) where I find the stock car lacking. Stage 3 is definitely pushing the limit on what I'm willing to spend and appears to be decent value for money with the HP Tuners and PCMTEC versions of the package costing $6025 each and the SCT $6495. But what is the difference between these versions? What, in layman's terms, makes the SCT option cost $470 more? I'm okay with paying that bit more if it's justifiable. As I said, this is a daily and will be serviced as one too so I need to make sure this is a car that can be safely serviced by the local mechanic without causing any future issue. Will I need to reset the car back to stock before services or is that even necessary so long as they're forewarned when booking it in? Are different, more high-end parts like oil required? Will there be future strain on other parts of the car like the differential, or wheels, or whatever else I/you can think of? New tyres will be installed prior to all this (and I'll come to that later) and a better brake package as soon as financially viable. It's all about getting the best bang for my buck with the fewest bangs later on. Here's the list on Pit Lane's site of what's involved with each stage (and the FREE! Awesome! Extras) : Back to tyres, I used to have a set of Nitto Invos on my old car, which were good, cheapish tyres though stock seems all but dried up in Australia except through St. George Tyres whom only have 2016 stock (2017 stock on enquiry and will cost more). I'd like to get these again since I'm not too keen on dropping more than a grand on four corners unless someone can recommend better tyres for around the same price (I can go a bit higher in price, but $300 a tyre is really pushing it). Is 2016 stock just too old for as-new tyres? Can the 2017 ones be worth the extra cost (however much that may be - again, price on enquiry)? Am I looking at the wrong tyres altogether considering the increase in power going through them? And lastly, what reasonable, ballpark power gains should I expect from the Stage 3 package? I'm not asking exact numbers, but this is going from a stock vehicle with about 40,000kms on it. Who knows, maybe any info I glean from here will change my mind on some things or halt the process altogether, but I do thank anyone who takes the time to reply, let alone read through my nonsense. I'm sure I've forgotten other things to ask too, but I hope this is the start down a road to a faster Ford. Thanks again!

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