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  1. Hey mate, have you had a scan done to your car? I have a similar issue with my BA, under acceleration the engine light comes on and the light goes away once I'm off the gas. I replaced the TPS and it still continued, got a scan done and it comes up with P2139 "Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1/3 implausible ratio" and P2140 "Accelerator Pedal Position sensor 2/3 implausible ratio". So it turns out I have to get my pedal position sensors replaced, bit of an arse of a job but what can you do. Long story short, I suggest you get a scan done wherever you can. I know that SCA offer a full scan report plus clear memory for $28 if you can't find someone that can scan your car. It's definitely worth a try, the answer may be sitting right in there for you.
  2. G'day guys, I'm new to these Ford Forums, keen to meet a lot of fellow ford members and get to know more people. I am making this post today in assistance if somebody has experienced the same issue that I am getting now in my BA. Basically a couple months ago my car started to illuminate the engine light under acceleration. As soon as I took my foot off the accelerator the engine light disappeared. I ended up getting a scan done and got the error code P2140 "Throttle Position Sensor". Last week I replaced the TPS but the engine light will still come on under acceleration, so I decided to get another scan done. This time the code P2139 "Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1/3 implausible ratio" and code P2140 "Accelerator Pedal Position sensor 2/3 implausible ratio" came up. Obviously there is a disagreement between two pedal position sensors and they will need replacing, my question is that is this the definite issue? What should I do? Just buy two sensors or replace the whole pedal assembly? Apologies for my lack of mechanical knowledge, I'm 20 years old and only now starting to learn about these cars. Hope to hear from you guys soon, Cheers.

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