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  1. Thanks @Rab Just saw this. This is exactly what I have been looking for.
  2. Got the High Flow 100Cell Cat in. The turbo lag has dropped considerably and the beast sounds awesome. 😁 I could not stop smiling from the Exhaust shop to work. Next are the Bonnet Vents. I got these Mustang GT vents and wondering if I should paint them Factory Colour of the Car, Gloss Black or Satin Black. Also wondering which angle of install look better. Any suggestions? Or This
  3. Show me the roads and I'll show you 300 - fast is never a problem for me. I am used to the R1 and Fireblades at SMSP and Phillip Island 😝
  4. Are you referring to this seal. There is one on the front as well. this seal This is my OTR.
  5. It did cross my mind given its the simplest mod, but I don't know how to do it. Any ideas? Will it cause a problem in the rain? The vents in the plastic grill, what is that for?
  6. @OZYWALKER That looks nice. If you don't mind me asking, how much did that set you back? How do those vents go in Rain? Is there any impact of water getting into the engine bay from the top?
  7. Considering adding either of these. I got the first ones on my Ranger and they do a good job in extracting the heat when off road at slow speed.
  8. Im just trying to add my styling to it and give it the looks it deserves. The FT86 is not the most powerful car, but it broke the mundane styling market and gave a new look and so will the new Supra. But I always wanted an Aussie Muscle and now I have it after saving every bit for it. I wont make it ridiculous in looks, just slightly more curvy. I like the BA and BF Wings. Slightly higher but not too high like the picture above. Very well said @Rab I have always loved the old Stingrays, Mustangs and Corvettes for their looks. Front Splitter is just for looks. I saw one a while ago which was very well fitted and loved it. Thus looking for it. Rear Wing I want to Raise it and Tilt for high speed down force. 15 Deg does not affect the resistance at low speeds but provides decent downforce past 160+ Front Polycarbonate cover is purely to show off the Big Six. I get excited when I see it every time like a kid with a new toy. I have worked hard to get this car so would like to cherish it. I saw a 240 of the same colour as mine with Carbon Fenders, Scoop and other bits. Loved the combination and looks, thus the taste for Carbon Fiber Bits. Purely looks. Thanks for the Tips again. More to learn from here.
  9. WOW, Thanks for the Warm Welcome guys 😁 I appreciate everyone's opinion. I personally feel the XR6T are an awesome machine, but they are very under dressed and designed. There is no art in car design these days. Yes my better half drives this beast and its a weekend car only 60k in 6 years and yes I park it at the farthest end of the shopping center and make my family walk in 40deg heat 😂. But I plan to build and hand this car to my boy when he is old enough and skilled enough to handle it. I got 16 years to go. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I really appreciate. Will post more questions soon. I am here to learn and see what reasonable to build and try not to piss others off.
  10. So not that the intro is done, I have some questions and would appreciate some genuine knowledge. My dream is to make this beast a standalone mean looking beast with the street creed for the drag strip. Whats the Max RWKW you can get from this model without engine mods What the use of a Turbo Intake Muffler Delete? How do I get rid of the engine heat? Anyone done some bonnet vents? Why are there no extreme Body Kits for this car like the Celicas, FT 86's and other Japs? I am looking for a pointier front bar like at Ft86. I want to Raise the rear wing by 2-3 Inches and tilt forward by 15 Deg. Does anyone make an adjustable Riser Kit for this Wing? Where can I get a Single Piece Front Lip Splitter / Spoiler (Carbon Fiber or Fiber Glass) for my FG? Is it possible to install a Poly carbonate See Through center piece in the Bonnet to showoff the Bara Engine ? Something like this
  11. Hi Guys, New to the forum. Thanks for having me on board. Here is my 2013 FG. This is my first big engine car. I have had Supras, Celicas and WRX I also Ride and Race motorbikes Bought it with some work done and then have been slowly adding. Mods Done 1000cc Injector OTR with K&N SC Computer with Map Sensor DBA Rotos and Calipers Bilsten Sports Shocks and Spring Bose Speakers and Amp CSA 19" with Radials Middle Muffler Delete 290 RWKW Wishlist (Pending Budget Approval 😁) 100 Cell Race CAT Stage 1 Stepped Intercooler Kit & piping Intake Muffler Delete Bigger Turbo Wide Body Carbon Splitters Carbon GT Wing with Risers Carbon Tail Splitters / Fins Reverse Carbon Bonnet Scoop (Heat Extractors) Remote Start (mobile enabled) Aiming for 350RWKW Hoping to learn a lot from here and build the beast.
  12. Has anyone done exhaust / hot air vents on the Bonnet of the FG?
  13. Thanks @k31th My car seems to have all the heat shield there when I look in the bonnet. Do I need one of these? I have an OTR in the car which is factory and running K$N high Flow filters. Sorry for the stupid question, How do I upload a picture? Can't see an icon for it and cut paste will not work.
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