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  1. What you the circuit racers amongst you recommend for a 2013 Mk2 FG NA with a ZF auto suggest. Car will mainly be doing sprints, 5 x laps of Barbagallo, Collie etc and Targa Rally Sprints. Eventual plan is Improved Production, but for now just the small stuff. What Oil for the engine would be best suited. 10W60 ? Perth WA , so it gets hot in summer here for sure. Winters not too cold.
  2. Your Name: Justin Car Make and Model: 2017 Ford Focus ST Circuit Name: Barbagallo Lap time: 1min17s Modifications Engine: Stage 2 IC, Quickshifter, Semi Slicks, Underbody bracing Power: 250hp Suspension: Stock Tyres: Zeknova's Brakes: Stock 2nd outing on the track, was getting faster each time

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