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  1. Not much, got a cat on my lap. Life is pretty boring right now
  2. Someone I can't be friends with anymore because I can't go on the emotional rollercoaster anymore for my own mental and physical health. I've tried for 3 years but I gave up. It just sucked the life out of me. I don't know whether to walk away or just hand her a letter that says you show nearly every trait of having narcissistic personalty disorder and borderline personality disorder.... You're all older and wiser than me. Any suggestions? Or should I let the next clown she put her claws into get destroyed as well.
  3. Happy Tuesday my ass, the week still has three days left of hell. Hi all 😁
  4. @arronm Can I have $7500, I want my teeth fixed, I haven't smiled in years
  5. Can I have some money. $3500 would help
  6. I had a inch removed, was getting too long. But it's like a lizard tail. Grows back bigger
  7. Can't wait to give my boy ghost chillis for a prank
  8. Not being able to sh*t dribble in off topic. Logs me out when I go to last page. Conspiracy theory time @HRM Fluff of Cornwall Happy birthday 😁
  9. For smacking a noisy dog. Maybe that would be a good thing
  10. Also white nationalism is banned now from facebook. Being white is evil now 😏 Excellent. Time for race wars brought on by social media 😏
  11. Yay, article 13 passed. Gun control being pushed into everyone more and more. Aliens It's the beginning of the end.
  12. You should hear me at work, every 5 min I'd make a good HR video of what not to say in a work place. Yet I still have a job and I've even been told the main reason I still have a job is because I'm good entertainment. I draw the line at doing the helicopter in front of the new girls, I have to say hello first now.😂
  13. @HRM Fluff of Cornwall No good hearing you feeling sh*tty.

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