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  1. Yeah I’ll give pushing the boots back a go. hoping they don’t perish when I do.. Are the seals something that can be purchased or are they a generic part perhaps? The back end leak I would imagine only happens at high speed so would be leaking on the ground but only at highway speeds.
  2. Hi all. Have noticed power steering fluid leaking onto the ground from the passenger rubber boot. Not much, maybe a drop every two days. Haven’t lost a noticeable amount of fluid, not even enough to top up the reservoir. I’m considering replacing the boot but that will only mask the leak. Is it possible to replace the seal, which I’m assuming is failing here? Or can only the whole rack be replaced. Drivers side appears fine. Have noticed there’s a power steering whine, not sure if it’s possibly bringing in air through this leak too? Have also noticed near the rear diff at the end of the drive shaft I believe, it appears there’s something leaking but must only be at high revs, nothing noticed on the ground, only picked up on it when I was under the car. Looks like it’s leaking out when spinning?
  3. Hi all - so when I purchased my FG-X Turbo, it has already had tuning done. On both the engine and the transmission. Apparently, according to the previous owner had a 98 tune, but on the fuel door it only says Premium Fuel Only, on a aftermarket sticker. Without trying to get onto the original seller, is there any way to find out whether it might be 95/98 compatible, or only 98? Such as using a scan tool possibly, not sure if it’s something that would be identifying within. at this point I don’t want to just dump 95 in it and hope for the best - but hoping there’s a way to find out on my own before chasing up previous owners and tuners.
  4. Hey guys, have noticed a rear-end clunk coming from the right hand side I believe. Took the RHS wheel off and couldn't find anything apart from stones that were causing a exhaust rattle. Sound could be re-created at a certain speed over a speed hump or pothole. Any possible bushes that I could check for wear and tear and/or might be known to cause this noise?
  5. Mhmm, I think mine is missing the second connector, as it only had one pipe going to it which when trying back to the breather; no provision for a plumb back it seems.
  6. Could I literally just have the intake side of the plumb-back just loose in the engine bay? So pipe > BOV > Pipe > open air? Also, where should the small air tube nozzle at the end of the valve be plumbed to?
  7. Hi all, recently got into an FG-X XR6 Turbo with a turbo-side intake. Re-fitted the stock intake as it was included as it had a blocked BOV which didn't suit me at the time. I'd like to re-fit the turbo-side cold-air intake, but am curious as to what my options are with where the plumb-back piping should go. I don't want to block the BOV if possible as I'm not really a fan of the flutter, what else can I do with the release of pressure? Cheers.

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