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  1. Lucky1

    10 Psi tune only making 5 psi

    Yes it’s one with the two generic tunes 8, 10 Psi also have a 12 Psi tune for 42lb injectors which I have never done, I have the car just back on the standard tune for moment I want to do the injectors and highflow cat before it gets dyno tuned live in Tasmania
  2. Lucky1

    10 Psi tune only making 5 psi

    No Dyno chart that is what I was thinking next I would think by 4000rpm I should be seeing over 5 Psi I’m pretty sure it has dropped the tune file on there, when I put it back to the stock tune it seems to respond and boost up to 5 Psi a lot quicker ? Compared to the 10 Psi tune that seems to be harder to get boost happening I’m running a ford flash 2 tuner and Capa tune cars basically stock with K&N filter I thought the factory boost control valve may not be bleeding off causing it to stay at factory boost ?
  3. Lucky1

    10 Psi tune only making 5 psi

    I have a XR6T that has a flash tuner and a 10 Psi tune I Finally installed boost gauge and tune seems to be only making 5 Psi where do I start to investigate this issue, could it be factory boost control value playing up ?

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