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  1. I can finally say its built not bought.... $3000 for maintenance after I picked it up and now 5 months later its costing another 14k for a rebuild so I can now claim full ownership lol...
  2. im hoping it still does.. it felt quick during the test drive but I couldnt really push it.. ill be able to drive it this weekend before I fly out, when I return I want to take it in to XFT and get it checked out and get the history on it, ive seen "tully's" vids and I pray it lives up to its rep. yea thanks, very happy with it.. I was at the right place at the right time. hahaha... ill take it to XFT and have them look over it since they did the build and familiar with the old girl
  3. I hope not...its registered and was traded into car yard when I was there shopping so jumped onto it straight away... its amazing to drive.. ive got photos but dont know how to upload.. roof lining was replaced today and ill pick her up tomorrow
  4. hi all, just bought "force 056". just thought id say shes still alive and looking good as ever!

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