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  1. Hey guys I got a mangled intercooler and radiator from a roo I’m fixing my self can anyone help me with diagrams of cooling system. Replacing fan shrouds and radiator to start looks like intercooler ok but was pushed up threw core of radiator. Is it simply unbolt and replace or is it a head f@&k. If anyone can provide any info and diagrams that would be great
  2. Well not so much measurements needed but more knowledge. Sorry about punctuation. I just want to know how relavent the sizes for both are. Like do they both need to be same size so I got a 52 mm 3 core rad but can’t find a intercooler which has the same 52 mm dimensions mainly 60 mm on intercooler.
  3. So a roo destroyed my front end radiator is 52 mm inlet outlet and intercoolers are 60 what’s stock radiator and stock intercooler or can somebody help me out

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