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  1. The drip from what ever that is is very consistent. The car hasn't run for about 21hours however it doesn't look like it's gonna stop any time soon. Also to note the passengers side floor is dry and there doesn't appear to be any water getting into the cabin.
  2. I believe I have found the source of the coolant leak. I seems to be coming from this yellow thing directly above the trans. I have attached a picture. Anyone know what this is and how I can fix it?
  3. As far as I know its completely stock. I was told that the coil packs in it are quite new. I also have a fair amount of coolant coming from somewhere above the trans. Would this be a leaky heatercore or something along those line? Cheers
  4. Hey team, just bought my first xr6t. I got a 03 ba ute. The guy I bought it off said that it boggs when at high rpm under boost, he thought it was probably a dirty tps or something of that nature. Sure enough when you get on it in the high rpms as it goes to change gears the car boggs and won't boost. I have gone ahead to clean the throttle body and found oil in the intake manifold and in the throttle body too. I had a look at the turbo as well and was oil there too. Anybody got any idea what my problem might be? Hope I haven't bought a lemon. Cheers

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