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  1. Hey All, Recently got my Diff rebuilt So new clutches bearings etc. As well as wheel bearings. Car was quit noisy beforehand and could not hear a vibration, but on my drive home noticed car has a vibration over 100 KM/h so had wheel alignment and rotate and balance done and was told wheels were out of balance a fair bit. Again driving over 100 KM/h car still has the vibration, Centre bearing in shaft only done around 10k ago. Gear box has been out 5k ago for new clutch and all mounts etc seemed fine. Any thoughts appreciated. I am going to call the diff shop and ask them about it and maybe take it back to him to see what he thinks just thought id pop the question on here and see if there was any suggestions for me to check at home before taking it back to him. Cheers.
  2. Hey Guys. Just chasing an answer as to whether changing the standard Xr6t intercooler to the F6 intercooler will be suitable for 280 - 300 rwkw or do I need to go bigger. Appreciate any help. Cheers.
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