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  1. Sorry Boss, I'll take some happy snaps tomorrow.
  2. Swapped out the Lovells sports low for super low on the rear. Brought back memories of the XE when the springs fallout when jacking up (at least with the BF I can still open & close the doors on the jack). As I do on a casual Saturday afternoon a few beers help the install and as I can't take it for a fang to settle or see improvement (I have a long driveway), Ride height hasn't changed yet and given how tough these little springs are I can't see a further inch in drop and thinking the rear swaybar has to go now. Time will tell I suppose.
  3. Gidday, Searching didn't show much for me (might be operator error). Anyone with info on this spring?
  4. Whacked in some PSR rear camber rods for my BF. 35mm dia tube 7mm wall and grade 12.9 locking bolt. Now to find someone who can actually align my wheels in my neck of the woods.
  5. Sad to hear it went bang, Perhaps a power figure your looking for would make it easier?
  6. Angry bush chook 101 --> Nectar of the gods!!
  7. Not as exotic as the above, Whacked in a boot lid liner. Whether perceived or real, I think there's less noise from the arse end.
  8. Finished the engine oil cooler install, Derale thermo adaptor, Aeroflow cooler, -10 450 hose & fittings, Davis Craig temp controller & yum cha 7" fan. Next part is to work out how to baffle it from the radiator air. Thinking with the intake snorkel back in there it should provide enough cool air when moving. Was a bit tighter than the rough tape measure size up! Best temp I could get in the shed, will need to take it for a fang and set the fan cut in.
  9. Just a click, Started softly occasionally then pretty much constant, but only below 60kph.
  10. I had a loose bolt on the flex coupling between the box and drive shaft. Sounded very similar to what you are describing.
  11. Installed 90% of the wiring for the thermo control of fan forced engine oil cooler. Seems Aus post has different ideas on delivery that should have been here now will be another two weeks away --> Grrr.
  12. Should have been here 10 years ago but hey. Picked up a local stock Bf T (01/06) about 6 months ago(1 owner and I work with them). Body and interior pretty good, mechanically not so, clunked, shuddered and handled like a whale as all neglected Ba's , Bf's get. Had 206,000km's on the clock and everything still had the original factory date stickers from the assembly line. Then the fun started, New wheel bearings, bushes , tie rods , ball joints etc. DBA 4000 series slotted/vented rotors & pads F&R. Lovell springs & B6 Bilstein's. Auto had done the milkshake 18 months prior (rebuilt by XFT) so a win there with new type cooler and rebuilt tailshaft installed. So now I had a reasonably well mannered T. Had a 12.6@111mph tune in it from the docs with the gen1 SCT box. Never did bother to find out the tune power as the 2000km odd round trip didn't seem worth it but it did go well. But then MORE!! Processwest 3.2 package and yep you can fit a full size battery under the headlight just need to cut a bit more! Venom 4" dump, 5" Cat, 2/5" twin intermediate pipe & muffler with factory pipe & muffler over diff. Ceramic CHRA GT3582r with 32mm waste gate. 10psi Turbosmart waste gate actuator. Walbro 340 pump and Sniper bigpod swirl pot. ID 1050x squirts. Had to convince Simon to send me a tune (blue line!) to drive to Perth for the tuneup and I can understand a tuners reluctance to do this. Discretion is the better part of valor, given it's a skinny rod motor (210,000km) 375 is more than enough on 98. However Simon has given the good news I can have a flex fuel component and tune upgrade which will bring another 50-70kw safety on the stock bottom end. Might give a scrub and take some better pics one day. Cheers Greg.
  13. g.l

    New Members Thread

    Thanks, Goes good but need more!!
  14. g.l

    New Members Thread

    Hi all, Have been lurking for a little bit. Picked up a stock BF auto 01/06 Bionic T about 6 months ago. After much searching settled on Process West gear. Had Simon from XFT gas it up to 375kW, all on stock bottom end. Anyway great forum even though I am late to the party!. Will send some pics and details later. Cheers Greg

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