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  1. Rip Radar detectors in WA from Oct 12
  2. Old school I know, gave up on trying to take images with the dimmer mod. Fuel press has saved me twice as nothing is plug and play despite what they say. https://imgur.com/CayGXPp
  3. Closest town is 430km's away and with my old eyes about a $1.40 keeps me pain free
  4. Too primitive to take screen shot on what's on the screen on the phone? If you have a V1 detector and keen have a look at the app. I reckon my data will be pinched but have google maps as an underlay and can mark radar sites. Even out here in the middle of b**f**k I have two sites which set the detector crazy so if I'm brave can mask them. Same for the warning trailers on the side of the road, once I find their exact frequency they can be blocked aswell(maybe). Was hoping to block the stupid adaptive cruise control for Toyota's from s
  5. I think WA is the only state where radar detectors are legal to use.
  6. Just picked up the Bluetooth dongle for my Valentine One detector. Didn't even know these things existed otherwise would've had one years ago. Using the jbv1 app, awesome bit of kit. Oh wait most members here can't use one --> NaNaNaNa!!
  7. I giggled at the custom BF front sway bar for $99,999.99
  8. Sorry Boss, I'll take some happy snaps tomorrow.
  9. Swapped out the Lovells sports low for super low on the rear. Brought back memories of the XE when the springs fallout when jacking up (at least with the BF I can still open & close the doors on the jack). As I do on a casual Saturday afternoon a few beers help the install and as I can't take it for a fang to settle or see improvement (I have a long driveway), Ride height hasn't changed yet and given how tough these little springs are I can't see a further inch in drop and thinking the rear swaybar has to go now. Time will tell I suppose.
  10. Gidday, Searching didn't show much for me (might be operator error). Anyone with info on this spring?
  11. Whacked in some PSR rear camber rods for my BF. 35mm dia tube 7mm wall and grade 12.9 locking bolt. Now to find someone who can actually align my wheels in my neck of the woods.
  12. Sad to hear it went bang, Perhaps a power figure your looking for would make it easier?
  13. Angry bush chook 101 --> Nectar of the gods!!
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