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  1. Auto headlights work perfectly, but when I turn the car off and open the door I get the alarm that lights are still on , lights continue to turn off properly automatically, any ideas what my issue could be?
  2. No worries, I was very sceptical myself when I did it but yeah has been fine
  3. I fitted one to my xr6t and you don’t need a fan or direct airflow, I have towed a 1600kg caravan over 1200 kilometres with no trouble at all,
  4. Dan721

    Tub shaping?

    Does anybody understand the shaping Of b series tubs? Apears to have purpose but can’t understand myself. maybe For fuel cans? Dividers? I know I have not made this a very clear question but best I can do with out photos
  5. Oh I see, So the cooler doesn’t need direct airflow to cool enough?
  6. Would it not work on the other side closer to to the trans lines ?
  7. I just got a bf xr6 turbo Ute , it’s a march build
  8. Does anybody know or can measure the exact tailgate “xr6 turbo” placement as there is no falcon badge to line up with. cheers
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