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  1. Hey guys so roughly 2 weeks ago I finished up putting an m86 lsd diff from an 05 BA xr8 Sedan, finally stages of the swap and apparently my 03 Na xt sedan tailshaft is too long, I've been unable to locate a xr6 turbo tailshaft to suit the btr and my na tailshaft has brand new centre bearing and uni, so I've come to the conclusion il just get the na one shortened, I've taken a few measurements but before I hand it off to the driveline mob along with my key card does anyone possibly have the measurements of an xr6T tailshaft so I can find the exact amount I need to get the rear section shortened on mine? And help would be greatly appreciated haha
  2. Little update, Got the car back from the tuner this arvo, its running beautifully with the 1000cc injectors, boost control is perfect, its currently making 380hp at 12 psi through the NA auto btr, unfortunately it does need valve springs to proceed any further power wise, inter cooler is also suffering from some minor heatsoak, aswell as the na gearbox isn't enjoying it too much as its slightly slipping when using trip tronic, I've sourced a turbo btr to put in, and hopefully get the valve springs sorted by jan next year, pretty happy with the car the way it is atm though, alot more pokey
  3. Yeah Ive removed the inner, ran just the 7psi outer, pre loaded it to the point where I could just spin the flap, put it all back on and discovered coolant eats through boost line, so I've gone and got some 12bar rated fuel hose ?, put it all back together and took it for a drive and bingo hit 7 psi and spiked to about 7.5, so I'm cheering it's fixed, just gotta wait a few days to get the boost T then off to tgr tuners, happy days thanks for all your help wouldn't have been able to do it without ya
  4. Alright, the bigger spring is 62mm long and the smaller is roughly 38, would you wreckon removing the smaller or larger spring or the smaller one and adjusting it up with a boost T? Also il attach a photo of the maximum opened wastegate with just the smaller spring in I'm. Wondering if this will be sufficient travel to maintain the boost level I need
  5. Alright, so this morning I've ripped the manifold and turbo back off, set the compressor to 1 bar of boost and the mf barely opens, not sure if the regs is I <3 Bananased or what. But I've now pulled the wastegate apart and I was presented with this Is it supposed to have 2 springs in their? And am I able to remove one to get it to open earlier or? I've booght this second hand off a mate and when I feed it with full pressure air from the compressor it opens up alot? And ideas
  6. Haha yeah I understood it, had that happen aswell awhile ago, was abit of an oh sh*t moment
  7. Will do, nah just standard not ported yet
  8. Yeah I think it may just be too tight, il I <3 Bananas around and pull the entire exhaust side off again tomorrow and adjust the pre load to the point where I'm able to rotate the flapper when it's "shut", but yes boost spiked to 15-17 straight away I backed off as quick as I could when I seen it go above ten
  9. Alright that makes some sense, it was originally the factory wastegate with a turbo smart boost T to bleed it to 10psi, boost T has been removed and the boost line is connected on the nipple of the turbo straight to the new wastegate, I just figured it woulda opened at 12
  10. I should have mentioned it's a xt converted to turbo with turbo motor and all of that but it's still run by the na ecu, so no boost solenoid unfortunately
  11. My original wastgate took a sh*t so I've picked up a new 12psi turbosmart wastegate the once specifically designed for the barras, it's a ba, stock turbo, has been tuned to 10 psi and its about to go and get 1000cc injectors fitted and a retune but I've just finished putting the new wastegate on and I think I've set the pre load correctly where it was about 1-2mm pulled shut to ensure it won't leak but on the drive just before it instantly jumped to 15psi and that's when I let off? What's the go I've confirmed the wastegate works with an air compressor and it snaps. Open and shut perfectly, only thing I think it could be is the pre load? Should I have fitted it so the wastegate flapper moves ever so slightly or?? Any help. Would be appreciated
  12. Hahah sweet, what's the chances of the big bolt breaking apparently it's common and I'm assuming if I snap it whole cradle gotta come out anyway?
  13. Not sure if this would work or not, but I've jacked the car up this afternoon and spinning the wheels with the car in park is causing the main centre diff bush to bang up and down, now from what I can see I would be able to easily access and change that bush if I was to cut a hole in the spare wheel well to gain access? will this work ? because I only need to change the main rear one and id rather not have to pull out the entire cradle
  14. Nah havnt gotten to the bottom of it, I put it down to just an old warn out na barra, 300k old valves and valve springs so I'm just going to swap it for a standard turbo motor, took it back for a re tune and made no different, live data was showing everything was working the way it was supposed to until it began building boost and it was like all the compression just vanished
  15. Hmm might be best to just find a turbo engine, put it in and go and get it re tuned

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