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  1. russell86c

    Over fueling

    Funny thing mine was doing the same thing o decided to start at the cheapest option and work my way up. First thing I did was clean my air filter thinking maybe its starved of air. So cleaned the filter and put it all back together and problem solved. The thing was filthy
  2. russell86c

    Need help guys!!

    Ok So it's asking me do I want to replace current PIDS. do I then click yes?
  3. russell86c

    Need help guys!!

    Do you know by any chance what the pid is called? Or where to find it?
  4. russell86c

    Need help guys!!

    Hey guys I need some help. Iv got a ba xr6 turbo and I'm using the "Torque Pro" app and I'm not getting any throttle information on the real-time gauge, yet when I plug it into my other car it all works. Any help will be appreciated. Iv recently pulled off and cleaned the throttle body befor getting the app so I don't know if the problem was there before I cleaned it. The car is driving perfect currently aswell. Cheers guys

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