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  1. Hey guys, Found some wheels in the specs in the subject. Will these fit on an FG sedan without guard rolling and clearance issues? Also what size tyre would I need to run to fit. car has kings super low maybe SSL but factory 19s still have decent amount of room. cheers
  2. Hi everyone, I found these wheels I like they are 20x 10 +40 all around. I have FG XR6 sedan it’s lowered with long springs super low so not. Might be super super low but it’s got factory 19s and still plenty of room. Would I have an issue with clearance with these wheels specs both front and rear and would guards need to be rolled or any modifications as just want wheels that fit the without doing other mods. Also what size tyre could I run to fit. Thanks,
  3. Thanks mate centre bearing has been changed Same with tailshaft couplers/donuts. so the diff hat eliminates the thud completely even when snapping gears ?
  4. I know this has probably been covered in some capacity 1000 times but I can’t quite get the information I’m after. I have a Fg manual xr6 turbo basically stock. It has the hybrid polyelast diff bushes in it. All the rear end was also changed at the same time every bush with super pro. It also has king springs and bilsteins. now don’t get me wrong the car drives mint but what I can’t get my head around is the thud when changing gears hard. You can get around this by being a bit more gentle between the shifts and loading up the tail shaft a little bit with the throttle but if
  5. Hey Jet, So have you fitted this kit with the ITMS piping kit or seen it? I’ll be sweet fitting it. Only issue I was considering if the cooler pipe needs modification I don’t have the skills or tools to do this nor do I want to buy the plazmaman piping kit if I don’t have to. thanks mate appreciate it. I’ll go with this one. cheers
  6. Hi There, Can anyone please confirm for me if the Plazmaman 4 Inch turbo side intake will fit with the intune motorsport alloy piping kit. Plazmaman make two piping kits one for standard intake and one for the 4 inch air box. So im worried that the intake wont fit. Has anyone fitted this kit with the intune piping kit. I have had some other feedback that the Mackilec kit will fit. XR6 turbo development kits website advises you will need aftermarket cooler piping which I have but not confident it will fit. I would really prefer to get the Plazaman kit as t
  7. Hi Guys, I have a mark 1 2009 XR6. I changed the ICC to a piano black colour screen and matching surrounds out of a G6E. The actual buttons on the ICC are silver and at night with the headlights on the button lights are white/clear. it’s not an issue but I was assuming they would be blue. Never seen the white/clear button lights. im assuming the G6E had the white lights. if I wanted to change the lights behind the buttons back to blue what’s involved in this? Something I can do myself with the ICC out?
  8. I end up switching the the BT module from the original ICC with that of the new one and now its all working fine. Cheers
  9. Anyone know what the go is? Really annoying and don’t really know where to start to fix???
  10. Hi guys, I recently changed the ICC unit in my 2009 XR6 from the standard non colour to a colour screen out of a g6e. Everything works perfect expect for pairing my phone. When I turn the ignition on the Bluetooth symbol flickers but then goes dark instead of staying lit and blue meaning it’s off. I go into the settings to pair the phone Bluetooth on my phone on and it doesn’t locate the device as in the phone. its an iPhone 7 also tried another I phone 7 plus a 6. is there any reason why it’s not working? What do I need to do to ge
  11. Just another question guys so I noticed on the display that there is a left and right hand side for the dual zone. As it will be operating as only single zone I am wondering whether it will still display the same as a dual zone with the temp, fan speed and direction of the air flow in both the right and left side or will it show just on one side or not at all. I am assuming that it will show the same temp, fan speed and air flow direction on both sides being a single zone? Lastly I keep hearing mixed reports that it needs to be coded. But then I see videos and hearing
  12. Thanks Rab & keith. So it is dual zone looking at the pictures. As it has the temp on the dual zone is on both sides and the fan speed button in the middle is there any issues considering the single zone ICC unit has the fan speed on the left and the temp on the right. My question what button will work on the dual zone for the heating the right or the left and will the fan speed button work being in a different location? Cheers
  13. I have spent countless amounts of time trying to find the answer to this but cant seem to. I have a 2009 FG XR6 and want to upgrade the ICC to the color screen. The ICC I am looking at is out of a FG G6E turbo and it has the six stacker CD player and I believe dual zone climate control. Am I correct in assuming all the G6E models had dual zone climate control? The seller doesn't seem to know if it has dual zone climate control is there any way to tell just from looking at the unit provided its out of the car? My question is will there be an issue installing this ICC in
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