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  1. FG SuperPro Polyelast Hybrid Diff Bush

    Hi Guys, Did a lot of searching and couldn’t find anything valuable on these diff bushes. I wanted some some feedback from people who have installed them. My main concern is the NVH I don’t want excessive or enhanced noise coming through the car. What is this like with these bushes? What is the overall quality and benefit compared to a OEM Bush or the comfort series ones they use to do. I have small knocking sound coming from the passenger rear and apparently it’s a flogged outer toe arm Bush?? It’s only at low speeds the car has Bilsteins shocks and the suspension shop had heard of the issue with bolts but when he checked out the shock there was no issue at all. Suspension on said they will do all 3 diff bushes with the hybrid poleylast Bush, outer toe arm Bush and bump stops supplied and fitted with wheel alignment for $890. I thought this was pretty reasonable what do you think? Thanks heaps

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