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  1. Hi has anyone put a th400 in there ba xr6t Was wanting some help on the wiring side of things what I need to do with the wiring and plugs what went to the original btr 4 speed so I have reverse lights and start in park maybe? I'm using a b&m pro ratchet shifter Thanks any advice would be much appreciated cheers Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  2. Cheers lads whats a reputable brand of valve springs and injectors
  3. Thanks for the advise will do some more reading cheers
  4. Puffwagon thanks for the reply my budget is around the 2-3 grand mark. Have done a bit of research on the car but seems to be alot of mixed emotions on the matter someone says one thing then the next disagrees so its not much help when you dont have much experience with turbos cheers
  5. Hi guys am new to this site and new to the xr6 turbo. Have in the last week purchased a 2004 ba xr6 turbo with 115000 on the clock one owner I am very new to turbo cars and was after some info on how to gain more power on the stock motor without spending a great deal of money im not after major hp just want better than what it is. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
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