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  1. Well ppl after a long 3 weeks of doing my head in pulling this box in and out wondering why I couldnlt get clutch. This is the best way to convert your xr6.. the problem was were I got my t5 input shaft cut to fit the t56 but got it half inc longer.. the teath was hiting the back of the spicket bearing.. bolted her back in and problem solved box sitting in the original place tail sharft fits with a auto yoke the space put its back spot on.. so there you go.. its been a long project but now I know what im looking at and no that the way iv done it is way betta then how they say todo it.. just rember whatever u space the box back with from the bellhousing u need to space the same behind master. Only if you do it this way though..
  2. How do I know if its in the spicket bearing right. And what is a crush depth. And how do I do it..
  3. I got t56 ls1 but got my.input shaft off my t5 cut n shut onto my tf5 input and got it a half inch longer. I then cut the back off my ls1 bellhousing to space to box back so that it brought the box back to wear the orgiganl cross memmber mount bolted up.. todo that I just cut the middle section out the crossmemmber and bolted a plate to suit the t56 box.  and also so my gear shiffter lined up with the hole on the floor and not having the trobles use have had.. but now im having touble bleeding my clutch up. It has a twin plate clutch and the t5 box has the clutch rod that ran out side the box.. now its the master cylinder type.. ive blown the boot twice trying to get clutch and poped it past its washer ring at the end.. so iv spaced the master cylinder foward on the in put shaft the same amount the space was I put in the box to bring it back.. and cut 10mm of the input shaft coz I was I had problems geting the box all the way in.. wich I found was just the fier wall touching.. I also had to file abit were your clutch line go to your master coz they was touching the back of the bellhousing due to spacer behind it.   so iv got it this far with out havent to look up a thing.. but iv been stuck the last 3 week trying to get the clutch.. I finally got it felling like it did when it had the 5spd in it.. I put a line to the master going into a jar with a floid in it and pumped the air out it feels good but still not working.. I can start it in gear with my foot on clutch but then it goes to to take off  could any one help me out I hate haven to ask.. is the something diffrent with clutch set up that iv missed..  I was thinking on taking my spacer that I cut off thr back of the ls1 and seing if it can go in any more.  But that then will I <3 Bananas my linement up up for cross member and tail shaft and gear stick.. any suggestions well be appreciated  When I push the clutch in it makes a noice like the throw out would but its brand new so I dont see how its that.. 

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