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  1. I recently had mine replaced and was told the Territory versions had different output shaft and bolt pattern for transfer case so XR6 turbo won’t fit
  2. How are you guys finding your ZFs hold up? My original box got fried soon after I got a tune up to 335kw and wouldn’t change out of 3rd under load, just replaced with wrecker stock box but that doesn’t seem too happy even at my 290kw tune. Iv heard a good tune helps but nobody seems to tune ZF boxes here in NZ and lowest price iv been quoted here for a built box is $7k even without going billet input shaft.
  3. Update on the Territory. Bought a Plazmaman under battery CAI kit & got a local guy to install a cheap Proflow front-mount Intercooler and do custom pipework. Was looking at full Plazmaman kit but this option was half the cost installed & I’m not going to go too crazy power wise cos don’t really want to get into having to run a built ZF. Got the tune touched up at Torque Performance still only running 12-13lb and put out 333kw so pretty stoked picking up nearly 45kw. Was supposed to be hitting Meremere today to hopefully get well down into the 12s but rained out.
  4. Yeah I live in Pukekohe and have a pump 1 minute from home and my Mrs just cruises around town in the TT during the week so too easy!
  5. Tuner was seeing a bit of valve float & intake temps high with stock Intercooler so didn’t push it at all with the tune, didn’t even play with the timing even though on E85. Also had a buggered rear muffler he reckoned might have been worth 5-10kw. just ran E85 to run cooler until I could afford front mount & valvesprings but will push it more on the tune when these are done. But not sure Trans will like too much more power so may retune on 98 until I upgrade the ZF
  6. Ok, guess I’m thinking New Zealand prices then because over here you are still looking $400+ for a decent 42lb set so stepping up to 60 or 80 isn’t much more.
  7. Update on my Territory, ran a 13.3 last night on the quarter with me braking before the line cos was going to break out running DYO, so should have a 13.1 in it. Stock cooler was really battling so next step is a front mount, battery side intake & valvesprings to hopefully get down towards mid 12s. Id definitely recommend going bigger than 40lb on injectors as not a massive price diff and allows for future mods. Driveline wise, at about 300kwaw my ZF is starting to flare a bit (although it has done 180k) so I won’t feel too comfortable pushing it much more, no wheel
  8. Yep, debunged exhaust and running K&N filter with modded stock airbox. Tuner said rear muffler was buggered though which may have lost a few kW but was seeing a bit of valve float at higher boost + high intake temps with top mount so left it at a safe tune for now. Will do valve springs and Intercooler and push it harder but goes pretty hard for a 7 seat family wagon!
  9. Been a while since there has been much action in the Territory section here but I found it really useful with planning the mods on mine, so thought I’d fire something up again to see if people are still out there modding them. Thought it could be a list of Mods, dyno figures & quarter times if you have them. I’ll kick it off. Mamba GTX3584R Turbo 80lb Siemens injectors Walbro in tank 450lph fuel pump Still running stock Intercooler (didn’t have $$$ to upgrade but next on list) Custom Intercooler water spray set-up using redirected window washer
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