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  1. Thanks but isn’t a option so have to try keep going thanks anyway
  2. Hi just wondering when you got so many other expenses how you’d be able to make things seem easier and to come up with the money more often and still be able to do the other projects too. asking because car needs heaps work and as it’s daily driver things have to be done as soon as there’s money, and if it wasn’t daily driver and only a weekend car you could go a week without a repair, or if you had more room you could buy a parts car or 2 and make one or 2 decent ones out lot. whats best medium term fix, have thought of getting another good ed fairmont as had one and was doing it up but had to move it out yard and as there’s no room elsewhere the ef fairmont has to go if you buy a good ed fairmont to be able to fit it. also can a small spa be mounted in a trailer or even a bath converted to a spa and not weigh too much. what exactly would you and need to do it could you do it same way as slide on camper so it can be bolted on and unbolted from trailer to return it to a normal trailer thanks
  3. Hi whats reason why many people get another car when theirs starts needing one thing after another and it’s 2nd or 3rd time and they’ve had them a few years instead of continuing to fix them and drive them till they die. is it because they get board and don’t want to spend more than cars worth if they’re not likely to keep it long enough to pay that amount in loan payments or recover loss, or are they in a position they have to have something fully dependable or they become a hassle. sometimes some repairs are more than cars worth but if you plan to keep car atleast long enough to recover loss or pay that amount in payments it’s still worth doing. for example its still worth spending $1800-$2500 on a car only worth 2-3 grand for a drive train swap if you have planned to keep car atleast another 6 months or so because it’s only about 6 months or so of payments even though it’s close to what cars worth. theres nothing wrong with having a older car and a done up looked after one is as good as a newer car.

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