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  1. I’ll keep my eye out for your thread to see what you get with that 3584, where did you get the external gate done, looks nice there hopefully doesn’t get any unwanted attention
  2. That is interesting, have never seen anybody do that with the factory rear housing for the 84rs. I probably will push close to the limit of the standard bottom end with the gen 1 but I have to take the turbo off anyway to replace my actuator (I used a mighty vac/pump and found my actuator cracking at 2-3psi) so thought I’d upgrade while I was there
  3. Hey just wondering if anyone has some information on a gtx 3582 gen 1 vs gen 2, I haven’t been able to find any direct comparisons, obviously the gen 2 flows more but not sure if it’s worth my time upgrading from a gen 1. I have heard gen 2s are a bit harder to control boost down low? If not worth it what would be a good upgrade, have considered the 3584rs but not keen on the 1.15 rear housing cheers
  4. Hey, was just wondering if anyone has used one of the billet thermostat housings from aeroflow, I have purchased one and when I fitted it my top radiator hose wouldn’t fit properly, I had to force it on and it had a kink int it so it took it back off, is there a top hose off a another model that might fit, cheers
  5. I looked around for a bit and talked to a few different people and I ended up getting hoon tune (now precision racing) ht2 cams new billets
  6. You were dead right jet it settled after a couple minutes of idling, still lumpy on idle as expected I seen that orange ba in person today looks very tough👌
  7. I will let the car run for a bit tommorow it was getting a bit late to let idle as I have close neighbours. it almost sounds like a misfire when revving it, was hoping to drive it to get tuned but looks like I’ll need trailer or tow truck I put it in drive to roll forward and it didn’t stall
  8. I just finished installing new larger cams in my fg xr6t. Everything went well, timing is all spot on started the car and it runs, but very rough, I was expecting it to run a bit rough but not like it is, the whole car shakes even when revving it just wondering if this normal while the car is untuned for the cams cheers
  9. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with one piece carbon fibre tailshafts and where you can buy them, have seen them before but never advertised. My car is fg zf auto cheers
  10. Sorry to post on a old thread just wondering if anyone has worked out the cause of the sound, my fg xrt is making the same sound, it also has atomic timing parts and oil pump cheers
  11. Yeah that’s what I’ve read else where as well, but what would I spend my money on? I would like to make 500kw at the rears. I want something a little different, everyone that mods a xr t bolts on a bigger turbo and goes ethanol, another reason wanted cans don’t see many around with them @OZYWALKER do you still run standard converter? Is the car a bit harder to cruise around and what is the idle like? Would you recommend them after your own experience with them
  12. @arronm Yeah it is actually good on fuel all things considering, I live about 30ks away from the closest e85 station. Doesn’t last long with some spirited driving though
  13. I called tbre and they said there is no issues with stage one with standard converter and I can retain vct, my current tuner said you can make small adjustment with pcm tec on the stall up of a zf converter. I’m most worries about fuel consumption as ethanol doesn’t last long as it is. And I don’t want to spend the money then be un happy with how the car responds and drives.
  14. Hey guys, after some info on camming a xr6 turbo. I know a lot of people say that it’s not really worth it but it is something that I am really considering. I have around the 450rwkw mark at the moment with a gtx and e85. The sound of cams alone makes me want them but I am wondering what power increase I would see and what the car would be like on fuel, I currently get around 400ks to a tank of e85. Looking at tbre stage 1 or atomic 4.5 any one who has cams or knows bit about them please let me know how you find them. cheers
  15. Hey guys recently noticed a strange noise coming from my engine mainly timing cover/front of rocker cover on my fg xr6t. The sound is sort of a buzzing/grinding noise, it happens on start up sometimes and randomly at about 1900-2400rpm when warm. I have pulled my rocker cover off to find that nothing looks out of place, guides are ok and chain is tight. The dampener between the cam sprockets is there but the black plastic piece does move around not sure if that’s normal but cant see that being a cause of the noise. Any suggestions would be great cheers
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