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  1. Thanks, wondering where to find more tables like this. Or if anyone has got a build that I can copy and change different parameters with?
  2. That seems like a great idea, will definitely have a go, cheers mate!
  3. Heaps of thanks mate!!!! I'll definitely have a look as I am willing to go down this path.
  4. Cheers, I'm thinking of learning how to tune the gearbox, but will probably take it to the tuner for the time being. And what tables are you referring to by the way? I'm completely new to tuning and keen to learn and do heaps of research through a long period of time.
  5. I'll probably take it to the professionals, cheers mate
  6. Cheers mate. Wonder how they charge for such a tune. If it costs more than $1000, then I'll sell the NA xr6 and get a turbo
  7. hey there, you got any clues on how to get the transmission tuned on fg falcons?
  8. Tuning a FG xr6, worth it or not?

    mate can you mention a bit more on how to tune the gearbox, I'm thinking of getting the gearbox on my fg mk2 xr6 tuned.
  9. Hey mate, I'm thinking of getting the same thing done with the SCT flash tuner to make the gear changes more responsive. Can you spare some ideas on how to get this done properly?

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