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  1. Happy Birthday XRDRIFT!

  2. Happy Birthday XRDRIFT!

  3. Happy Birthday XRDRIFT!

  4. Happy Birthday XRDRIFT!

  5. Happy Birthday XRDRIFT!

  6. Issues With T56 Conversion

    Pulled the solenoid out, and tried to get reverse, cant. I can push the piston in the solenoid so maybe its an internal issue
  7. Issues With T56 Conversion

    Cheers, will try that. Really buggered LOL, hot afternoon plus sore all over, motivation is hard to build up HAHAHAH
  8. Issues With T56 Conversion

    Cant engage reverse at all, on or off.
  9. Issues With T56 Conversion

    Pushing up, swinging gear lever to the right then up. Starting to give up on this, half tempted to pull it back out and leave it on stands. rego runs out in 2 weeks and really cant be bothered fixing more problems, as far as I know, I've replaced everything from front to back on the car bar wheel bearings. Was hoping that hot wiring power straight from thebattery woul dfix it, but nope. the solenoid does click on and off when I remove the wire off the battery, but as to why it wont let me get reverse is boggling. Would the reverse light switch have any effect. I had to cut the plug off it and put different terminals to it to mate up with the cars loom. Just 2 wires, does it matter if they are crossed?
  10. Issues With T56 Conversion

    OK, I've tried to give it power straight from the battery to see if the solenoid will get enough power, and still no go. Im at a loss as to why I cant get reverse now.......I can select 5th and 6th easy and when I try to swing the stick over to the right and try engange the reverse gateway, its seems like its not even there. Or its locked out.
  11. Issues With T56 Conversion

    FINALLY!!!! The car is moving, and loving it!!! The 10mm spacer was the culprit but not by any means the guys at MWA or my fault. As I'm running an Xtreme Clutch set up, the amount of travel needed to disengage the clutch might be alot different to what the guys at MWA offer. So the measurements may not apply to the Xtreme CLutch:( But all in all, loving the 6 speed, its abit tight but its expected I've been told and will losen up in the next few days. To throw a spanner in the works though!!! I cant get REVERSE :banghead: I've hooked up the power wire from the reverse lock out solennoid to the bottom brake switch as there 2 switches. Using a test light, I hooked up the power wire to the bottom switch with it connected to the one that powers up when I depress the brake pedal. I can hear the Reverse Lock Out Solenoid click on and off, but cant get reverse. I have all 6 forward gears and they work fine, so Im sure this is something very simple. Once again guys, thank you all for all the advice, and the guys at Mal Wood, legends!! Having spoken to both Paul and Mal on the phone regarding this issue last week to help rectify this and they have been very helpful. Cant thank them enough.
  12. Issues With T56 Conversion

    Thanks for that info Paul, I have the box ready to pull out, and will remove the clutch at same time to inspect it. If the clutch is damaged, I guess I will be on the phone again to you guys to get one of your ones:)
  13. Issues With T56 Conversion

    Yeah I did, to make sure I didnt damage the master cylinder as it was dry for a couple of weeks, and to slowly get the new CSC working right. But the pedal feels very heavy that because of the new clutch set up I have. Im ust have had air in the lines before which may have caused my crunching issues with tthe T5, and the pedal felt a little spongey with the T5. Didnt have a vacuum bleeder then X( Now it feels realy good:) Like a 1.2 tonne pressure plate should.
  14. Issues With T56 Conversion

    Those were my thoughts, I vacuum bled the lines with about 500mls of fluid to make sure all the lines were clean and free of air and any impurites. I just re used the fluid what I need and just filtered the rest. Have to say, vacuum bleeders are the best thing anyone can have when doing brakes and clutches and highly reccommend getting one:)
  15. Issues With T56 Conversion

    Cheers for all the feed back guys. I think I may have sorted out the issue. Although I did set the clutch crush depth according the email Mal Wood sent me, I added a 10mm spacer behind the CSC, which the other gearbox, T5, DIDNT have. But it worked fine. I've had the gearbox out a few times (T5) for various reasons like CSC bearing was noisey and rear main was leaking. But never had any issues with clutch. Upon installing the new T56 which we all trust Mal Wood products are great, the addition of the spacer is the only difference between the 2 boxes. And my mate came over today and we did a test. I know I can select gears with car off but not on. And can start car in gear. So with that said, started car in gear, and tried to pullit out fo gear with clutch, no go....as usuall, but put my foot on clutch and out it came:) But in saying that, in neutral with car running, I cant select gears. So my theory is, that spacer has thrown out everything form working right. So I have started to get it ready to pull out, and remove that spacer, afterall, the T56 and T5 Bellhousing to the CSC bearing dimensions are identical as I measured both to make sure my clutch would be fine. Fingers crossed, but I have a good feeling about this:)

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