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  1. Great write up, any one had issues with the fluid spraying out of the filler hole when running after fitting a new cooler ? I topped up the level with engine turned off ran it up through the gears for a bit with plug in but tried to check level with engine at idle and around 35' but it sprayed out and I ended up putting plug back in
  2. I put the pressure up to about 15psi and can hear air in intake and coming out of oil cap when I unscrewed it. Is this the turbo bypassing into oil system ?
  3. Ive fitted a larger intercooler and wanted to pressure test intake system and check for leaks. Should it hold pressure the way I have it set up? Cheers
  4. I changed the seal last week, ended up making a puller its not pretty but it worked ok. Ill clean puller up and give it a coat of paint. Next job trans cooler and get rid of leaking trans thermostat.
  5. Thanks for advice im going to give it a crack when im off next week
  6. My bad, I was thinking people would be using generic type pullers
  7. Hi guys I have a oil leak from the front of engine, its hard to tell exactly but I was going to start by replacing front crank seal. Question is what type of crank puller is required for job? I didn't want to get half way through the job and find out I have the wrong puller.
  8. wayno1

    Zf cooler

    Hey Benji81 what cooler and hose did you use?
  9. Anyone know whst centre caps I need I have 2 different styles and they are both loose when fitted.
  10. Picked up a bf mk2, was advertised as ba mk2 but is 07/06 build with zf. Old owner only advertised cars faults the list was. - engine light on - headlining sagged - handbrake cover taped up - steering wheel worn - coil cover not fitted - engine oil leak - coolant leak - bonnet has bad crows feet. Had 10 months rego picked it up for $4k. So far ive fixed engine oil leak which was tappet cover gasket, engine light was cam solenoid. Coolant leak was header tank . Also picked up f6 cold air, k&n filter, second hand plasma man intercooler and x4 controller. Plans are for a tidy street car as I have a vk 5.0l with a turbo in the build as well, looking at doing the following - new front mounted gearbox cooler - gearbox service - fuel pump and injectors - dump pipe and cat - tune and have fun.
  11. Anyone know the paint code to match silver trim in bf mk2, looking at painting zf gear surround and silver trims on door trims?
  12. wayno1

    New Members Thread

    Hi all I joined up a few months ago when I picked up a xr6 turbo. Was advertised as ba mk2 but is 7/06 bf mk2 with zf needs a fair few things tidied up but for the money is a good buy. Ill start a thread shorty. Cheers Wayne

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