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  1. 03bacr6t

    Hey guys, long story short ive had cooling system issues leading to transmission issues havr had my radiator replaced, transmission replaced twice etc. but still having a few issues with temp. As today was about 38 degrees I noticed my temp was sitting abit higher than usual (almost on the half way point) and the car didn’t seem to be running like it usually does just wondering if this is normal or if there is still something wrong. And also if I have stopped to fuel up for example when I go to start the car again the temp is much higher then when it was running (abit further than half way) again is this normal or am I looking at more issues
  2. Stock ba xr6t

    Roughly what size injectors would I upgrade to ( just going to do some price checking ) and how big of a fuel pump? thank you for all your advise
  3. Stock ba xr6t

    What would be involved in putting a better gearbox in it and what gearbox would be strong enough for it?.
  4. Stock ba xr6t

    The motor is in good condition, 180,000kms gearbox is currently getting replaced as was buggered, new radiator hoses etc. recently had a major service (oil,oil filter, fuel filter, air fiter etc) ive only owned the car for a few weeks. im not looking to get insane power just something that's quick off the line. Havnt really thought of a budget yet just thought id see what my options are and what sort of money I would be looking it
  5. Stock ba xr6t

    Hey everyone, I have a 2003 ba xr6t. wanting more power out of it, where do I start what mods do yous recommend?

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